Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I forgot what "busy" feels like

For real. My last job? There was very little internet restriction (and when I say little I mean facebook. That's it everything else is fair game) And while I was busy, I had little accountability on a daily basis, so as long as everything is in by the end of the day/week, I was good. I left because there's a reason I was scanning the internet for something interesting on a daily basis, but it's still taking some getting used to.

Anyways, I survived my first week. I forgot how draining training is. A good draining, I thinking, but draining nonetheless. I can't wait till I'm trained and doing things on my own, and don't have to constantly refer to others for work to do. It's exhausting :)

While I survived my first week, my hip did not. Part of my new commute is commuting by train, and walking 10 minutes to the train in the mornings, and back home again in the evenings. Which is great, it's like an automatic 20 minutes of pure exercise every day, but at the same time, it took some getting used to,  and combined withe me trying running again on Tuesday (stupid Marie), my hip was killing me again by Friday, with pain radiating down my leg into my heel. Yikes. It goes without saying that my weekend was low key, lots of lying, icing, and heating. Sunday I did nothing at all and it was glorious to just lie on my couch.

I definitely didn't have a great week last week. I nervous ate, and that combined with not having a steady snack drawer, and eating out a lot (In my defense, it hasn't been out of laziness, but more because I have been trying to be social and get to know my group better), and drank more than I should have Thursday night. Not so great, especially on Friday morning. Ahh well, you only live once, right? I didn't use my awful eating as an excuse to go wild, and fall completely off. I was mindful, but not fantastic. I had a lot on my mind last week, and am giving myself a freebie, especially since my hip acted up and I couldn't work out to relieve stress. I need to find another way though :)

I'm focusing on being better. I ate out today, but went with pizza  (At least eating out isn't overly expensive since there is so much competition downtown), and for the rest of the week have my meals portioned out. And I have tons of fruit and veggies for snacks, and some other snacks as well, so I'm in good shape.  I am taking this week off working out (to help my hip get better. I'm at 85% right now),and even though I want to get back into it, I know it's for the best. I am signing up this weekend for the pool. I went down today to inquire and learn more about it (times, prices, etc), and it seems like a great deal, and a really nice place. I think sticking to swimming, hiking, walking, and maybe biking if I suck it up and buy one, I should be able to get into a rhythm.

I didn't even bother weighing in last week. I knew it wouldn't be good news, and to be honest, I had a rough week and used food to get me through it. I hate that I can't work out regularly, it really did help me so much as far as getting in control of my feelings and not letting stuff get to me. Sigh, hopefully this is the end of that, and I plan on starting to weigh in regularly going forward, even though I know this week won't be great, since I can't get any activity in. That's life, I need to stop saying "I had a bad week,  I'll weigh in next", because we all know how that goes.

I'll post more once I'm into a normal schedule :) I plan on doing a picture post tomorrow, with a recipe I made last night (That's right, remember my schedule? bahaha)

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