Friday, April 6, 2012

Keeping Up Fridays

Weight Loss Results- 0.00- 197.0

Could. Have. Been. Worse. I had a jelly bean meltdown at babysitting on Wednesday. I'll share, because looking back it's kind of funny.

So Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights I help out with this church group in their Kids church. It's normally 2-5 kids, including the pastor's daughter, who is a little devil. She can be so mean when shes cranky and tired, and then so sweet like she was on Wednesday night. We were making easter baskets out of coffee filters, and I let them cut the edges "all by themselves" with kid safe scissors.

I was helping the other little girl there, and look down for 10 seconds. BIG MISTAKE. The girl cut a large chunk of hair off, and was just standing there, holding it in her hand. I freaked out, (not yelling more like Oh My God your mom is going to kill me) and she started crying because her mom was going to be mad. I had to calm her down, so I gave her some candy, and we talked about why you DON'T do that. But the entire 2nd hour I was there, I was freaking out, and just popping jelly beans and skittles.

The dad ended up coming in the relieve me, and wasn't mad at all. Apparently she does stuff like this all the time, and when I think about it, I'm pretty sure all my sisters and I cut our hair at some point in childhood haha.But seriously, stuff like that only happens to me :)

Anyways, between that and work being stressful (note-its really awkward working after you give your two weeks! Especially if they are having trouble replacing you), I have indulged in ice cream a lot. And beer last night (only one full one, the 2nd Matt and I split). But I've been mindful of my servings and everything, I need to find a way to manage my stress Without eating. Gah.

On a super positive note, I have managed to get in 20 minutes of strength every day this week except Wednesday. And the only reason it didn't happen Wednesday is because my neck hurt from Tuesday, and I didn't want to mess with that. I also made it to the gym 2X this week, burning 600 and 400 calories respectively. Not where I used to be at, but definitely on the right path. My goal for next week is 2X at the gym(maybe 3 if it's too cold on Sunday to hike), Get there Tuesday and Thursday night again. And Maybe walk on my break next week if it's going to be nice (Its supposed to be) And keep up with the strength training. It's amazing how good it feels, and how empowered I feel afterwards. I did it this morning, and it just made my entire day that much better :-)

Happy Weekend!

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