Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So this is my last week at my current job. Kind of bittersweet in a way. Everyone I've told her has basically said they understand (besides my bosses, they were upset, which I get. My job isn't that complex, but its a lot of work, and I guess everyone who's done it before has made a ton of mistakes and been unreliable, so they are sad to see me go, because apparently there isn't another "me" out there. Which was nice to hear), because there is no growth here. And there really isn't, at least not in the sense of promotions and the like. They add more work on, and give me yearly raises, but it's too small of a company to really grow in, if that makes sense. So I'm excited to move somewhere where my job won't be AP/AR centric, and has the possibility to grow. But I hate change, and the past month has been so stressful. With interviewing, and then getting my references together, and then freaking out about telling my work (because I was freaking out. I didn't sleep well for weeks with the idea of that pending!) It's scary, but I know it'll be good for me to go outside my shell and try something new. And if I hate it, I always have to ability to go back to working for a smaller company, but it's harder to move to a big company from a smaller company, if that makes sense. So well see.

The best part of all this is I have a completely valid excuse to go shopping and spend a large amount of money :) My current job is casual, which most days means jeans and a tee, not exactly dressing to impress. I'm excited to have an excuse to get an adults wardrobe. My new job is business attire, so the past 2 weeks (since I've given my notice) I've been searching for deals (I'm still living on a budget!). Here's what I've found so far:

2 pairs of shoes at DSW- a pair of low heels and a pair of wedges, total: 50.00
7-10 tops, a pair of black pants, a dress, 2 cartigans, a belt at the Gap Outlet: 129.00 (marked down from around 250 before a gift card and coupon. Woo hoo!)
a dress (which doesn't fit me yet), 2 black skirts, a blouse: 70
2 nice dresses and 1 blouse from target: 50.00
I also plan to hit up Marshalls this weekend and get one more pair of nice heels, and another dress skirt/blouse:  Est 70

All in all I've spent almost 300 over the past few weeks on clothes, and will probably spend about 100 more. But with this I plan on going through my closet this weekend and donating everything that doesn't fit me/I don't wear anymore. Including shoes. 300 for basically an entire new wardrobe ain't too shabby, in my books :-P Oh and the best part? Everything I've bought has been M-L size, or a 14. Which is just exciting. I have to say the best feeling ever is trying on a dress at the gap and having the large absolutely fall off of you :-)  It really motivated me, and made me feel good about my progress, even if I've been stalled with my weight loss lately.

Speaking of, I decided to go back to my fitness pal again. Don't beat me with a stick yet, I know this is only the 0297150857165 time I've flipped flopped. What It comes down to, is I was looking to blame my lack of weight loss on something, when the real reason is me. I haven't been working hard enough, I've been cheating too often, and I'm not going to lose that way. So I'm done complaining. When it comes down to ti, I got to 192 with MFP, and can get back to that (and lower) again. I really hate how weight watchers makes splurges so costly. I want to be able to have a glass of wine at night and not hate myself for it, or feel like I'm sabotauging. I feel like counting calories allows me to have 1-2 of something, and still have a good day. Plus I'm cheap, and don't see the point in spending the money on weight watchers when after 3 months I'm right where I started. So here we go, round 2.

Meal plan for the week:
Breakfast: Yogurt and cereal, or Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Muffins from Emily Bites
Lunch- Left overs from Easter, Skinny Taste Chicken Taco Chili
Monday- Asian Cheeseburger Skillet, made by Matt, and was amazzing
Tuesday- Meatballs and Raviolis
Wednesday- On the run, undecided
Thursday- Mexican, maybe tacos or enchiladas, I'm undecided
Friday- Zesty Chicken Drumsticks
Saturday- "Buffalo Fried Chicken"

Workout Plan:
Monday- off, wasn't feeling Great
Tuesday- 20 minutes strength after dinner
Wednesday- Workout after work and before babysitting
Thursday- Walking at the gym, strength
Friday- strenght workout in the AM
Saturday- hiking!

Back in the saddle! I am happy to announce my hip feels 100%, lets hope it stays this way!

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