Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Month, New Thoughts

So to start, confession time:

3/30/12 Weigh In: +2.0

Well that's that, I had a bad week. I started my new week with a cinnamon chip scone, which is really all I have to say, haha. I knew I wasn't going to have a good weigh in, I had sort of expected the gain with my eating  last weekend (ok week) and the lack of exercise thanks to my hip. I'm happy to report that my hip is feeling really good, and I'm planning on getting back into a routine this week. I came up with a circuit of sorts, with a main focus on core moves and upper body, with a few lower body moves thrown in. I think it will help me get back into my regular workouts, which will make everything just ten times better.

I hope, anyways.

I also decided this week, that I am going to try alternative workouts for awhile It may be a bit before I can run again regularly (and I'm pretty sure it was a lot of elliptical that messed my hip up in the first place. That hurt so much more than running ever did) and I can't let my weight loss be deterred. There is a community pool right near my apartment, and I think swimming would be a fun thing to try. I also want to get more into classes (zumba, kick boxing, spin), and maybe even biking. And of course with the nice weather, I'll be hiking a ton this summer, and not spending my time coped up in a gym.

I spent a lot of time thinking last night, because with an impending new job (!!! yes I can finally say it. My background check is almost done, and I get my offer letter in the mail tomorrow. I got it emailed to me last week but I think they held it until everything was done), I'm not going to be near a gym, so the community center (which in addition to a pool has a gym and classes!) would be a great transition for me to make, since It's on my way home, and give me more options than planet fitness does. So Once I get adjusted, and my contract runs out, that's my plan :-). I also thought about my eating habits, and how they differ now compared to a year ago. They aren't as good, plan and simple. I snack more, eat more sweets, and don't limit myself as much as I used to. And I'm happy to report that all weekend, I've focused more on my hunger signals (even being incredibly hungover on Saturday), and besides eating some of my sisters amazing desserts tonight, I've done well today too!.

And, I spent a half hour working on creating a strength routine. Which felt great, and I am planning on doing it everyday this week, either before work or directly afterwards.

I'll post my monthly goals and mealplan tomorrow, I gotta tweak it a bit :-) 

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