Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's Cooking Wednesday

note: I initially posted this last week, but it got all screwy, so lets try it again!

Recipe Review:
Recipe Review: French Dip Crescents
Taken off pinterest and adapted from the blog Mama Loves Food, here's the link:

What You Need:
-1 can crescent rolls
-1-2 Tbsp sauce (the recipe said to used horseradish. I hate horseraddish so we used garlic aloi mustard)
- 1/2 pound roast beef (we only made half a recipe, there are only 2 of us!)
- 2 slices colby jack cheese (we used what we had haha)

How to Make It
- Roll out the crescent rolls, lightly spread sauce on each and then layer on roast beef and cheese (I cut each slice of cheese into 4ths, to give me 8 pieces)
- Roll up each crescent starting with the thin side into the big end. Put on a baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes at 375.


The Result:
 They were so easy to make, and had an awesome flavor. It wasn't my favorite combination, but Matt Loved them, so maybe it was just me :-)

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