Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekly Checks- Week 4

My Saturday Night :-)

Great Wine

yummy eggplant parm :-)

Matt's bock!

Because I couldn't come up with a title more creative than that, haha. Believe me, I just spent 10 minutes trying to think of something :-)
To start, my goals:

WI: -.6- I'll take it!
-Track Everything! Pretrack whenever possible Check! I made a point to track everything in the morning, and check in periodically to make sure I was on track!

-Stear clear of the vending machine, and add ons at the grocery store/CVS -Check! I did well with this, even when I was overtly tempted to stop and grab something. Which is a win!

-Get in at least 2 more workouts Check! I got in two nice 600+ calorie workouts on Tuesday and Thursday this week, which I think helped me get back in a grove, and feel good about working out :-)
-Plan Ahead- Definitely check! I made a point to start my day out by planning ahead, something which I kept up into today, which is rare for me :-)

So I'm keeping the same goals for next week, and hopefully I'll see another loss.
Workout Schedule:
Saturday- Video
Sunday- gym/cardio
Monday- off
Tuesday- gym
Thursday- AM Yoga

It's been a pretty quiet weekend. Last night Matt and I made Emily Bite's Eggplant Parm, which was fantastic. It was such an epitome of a great Friday. We grabbed 2 22oz beers from a local company, (one disappointing, the second was great though), and cooked together while listening to records on Matt's fancy new Record Player. It was such a great time :-) We headed out for a few drinks at a local bar, and then headed back to hang out with my sister for a little bit before calling it a night. It was so relaxing, and exactly what I wanted out of a wet, rainy Friday :-)

I was supposed to babysit tonight, but got a text from my lady saying that there was a death in the family, so she wouldn't be going into work (so sad, it was a young death, which are always so much harder :-/). I decided to take advantage of this, and Matt and I cleaned our apartment a bunch, and then ran some errands. We came home, did some laundry, and Matt bottled his second homebrew. He got this fancy bottles today, and they looked really cool :-). We made a great hamburger stir fry, and I'm currently watching 50/50 and drinking some delish wine (Alamos Malbec, it's fantastic. Even Matt, who claims he doesn't like Malbecs, loved this wine). It's relaxing, and exactly what I want out of a Saturday night.

Don't get me wrong, I love going out, and being social, but lately more than anything, I love a good night in, with a bottle of wine or beer, watching a movie/tv show. It really just is the best :-)

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