Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back on Track

So I bit the bullet and did it: I rejoined weight watchers. Thursday morning, I weighed in, and then rejoined. I lost .4 this week, but even so, I know I need this.

I spent most of last week sick, all congested and feeling down. I started to feel better Thursday, and by Friday was at 100%

But then it was cold outside. haha. Matt and I took Friday off, just because we could :-) We were going to the Beer Summit Winter Jubilee that night, and would have to leave work early, so we figured why not. We spent the day walking around Boston, going to the Sam Adams Brewery (which is one of the best Brewery tours btw), and going to the aquarium (Thank you Living Social). The beer fest was awesome, a lot of fun, and the best part is it's over at 9pm, so there was plenty of time to sober up and go to bed early :-). It was a great day out, but then it got freezing outside, and we had to walk for 20 minutes and then wait 20 minutes, and I think that was all I needed to reignite my cold, because yesterday I felt like crap, and then Today I felt 10 times worse. I ended up calling out of my babysitting job, just because I felt so crappy (and it was a 7month old, and I would have felt terrible if I got him sick). I'm glad I did, after babysitting all day yesterday (literally, 11am-1am), I'm freaking exhausted.And thanks to NyQuil and sleeping a lot of the day, I'm feeling a lot better. I'm hoping I can get back to the gym on Tuesday, and work my way back into my schedule. I did get a work out in Saturday morning (go me!) and will do something light tomorrow (I'm thinking yoga)

Happy Sunday!

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