Saturday, January 14, 2012

Before and Afters

Before and after pictures are one of my favorite part of my weight loss journey. It helps to remind me why I'm doing this, and how far I've come so far. And the Patriots game is a blowout, which can be kind of boring (especially with all that hype!), so I found myself going through old pictures and making this:

not too shabby, huh?

And of course, I showed Matt, and he goes "oh cool, make me one". So Ladies and gents, get ready to have your mind blown. By the by, he lost 50 pounds from October 2010 to now, all through diet and exercise. I wish I was a boy, he would eat Chinese and lose two pounds the next day. I eat Chinese and retain water for 3 days, but whatever. Here is Matt's before and after shot:

(ignore the mad face in the after shot, he insisted on using unattractive pictures)

crazy huh? I will be honest, my weight loss journey took a new life when he decided to get serious about it, and now I know that part of the strength of our relationship is the fact that he is so committed to getting healthy, whether it's trying new recipes, or taking a long walk on a lazy Saturday, it makes all the difference and really adds another element to everything.

It's funny, because 4 years ago when we started dating I would never have considered a commitment to being healthy to be something of importance to me. And I would hardly consider myself a "health nut", but at the same time living a healthy lifestyle has become a huge goal for me in my life, and having a partner who shares that goal is so important, and has really helped to shape our life and goals together. I'm very grateful to have that element in my life, because I feel like I wouldn't be able to truly life a healthy lifestyle if  Matt wasn't interested in achieving it as well. I would have to make concessions and sacrifices that would ultimately hurt it, but Matt is so great about making healthy and exercising a priority, I rarely feel like I'm inconvienencing anyone with my efforts. Which is great.

But enough sappiness, haha.

How important is healthy living in your relationships? 

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