Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekly Recap

So I've had this written up for awhile, but I was waiting to get my pictures for it. Unfortunetly my computer decided to be an ass and NOT upload pictures, so the hiking ones will come at a later time :-)
Friday night I met up with M and we headed into Cambridge for Dinner at the Elephant Walk. It was a really cute place. It was really pricey (at least for us) so I can't say I would have gone if not for the Groupon, but I still am glad we went. Isn't that the point of the groupon, to try new places?

Anyways we asked to sit outside and they told us it would probably be 10 minutes. No problem.

25 minutes later we are still waiting. I'm hungry, and getting crabby. We go over and ask again and the girls apologize, saying they thought a couple was leaving but I guess they didn't. Which is fine, but I was slightly bugged that they didn't let us know that, since there was no wait to sit inside.

We finally got a table outside after a half an hour. We both ordered drinks, M got a beer and I ordered one of their specialty drinks. It was a white wine fused with fruit liquor, it was delish:

It tasted like a strong sangria, definetly what I was looking for!

Elephant walk is a Cambodian/French restaurant, two types of food I had never had before. M ordered a french dish, a bone in chicken thigh with noodles, and I ordered a lemongrass chicken off the cambodian menu.

we both agreed mine was better. It was delicious and full of flavor, I was slightly worried I wouldn't like it, or it would be too different but I loved it. M's dish was good, but the noodles had a bit of a weird aftertaste. I think it was just a bit too rich for me.  I also only ended up eating half of my plate, which made me feel good :-) yay for progress!

Either way, a really good meal. I don't know if I would go back without the coupon, just because it was way overpriced (the food was good, but not the best meal I've ever had), but either way a good time. After this we walked down the road to Cambridge Common, a beer bar that has an outstanding tap. They have about 30 beers on tap, 10-12 regulars, and then 10 rotating taps, and 4 specialty ones. It features the big microbrews, a lot of local places (cambridge brewing, pretty things, etc), and a few up and common or smaller breweries that you don't normally see at a bar. We both ordered a sampler to start out, I tried a brown ale, a burbon porter-lager fusion, a hefewisen, and an imperial red. The burbon porter-fusion was delicious, as was the imperial red. The other two were good, but not the best I've had.

We followed this with a few rounds :-) I have to say I had a bunch of good beer. My two favorites of the night were the Ommegang BPA

And Bear Republic's Hefewiesen. Which was one of the best wheats I've ever tried. It's a really cute bar too, with a great layout. and it's so cheap (for Boston anyways, most of the beers were around 4.50, with the high alcohol specialty ones topping out at 8 bucks. ). I just wish it was a bit closer.

Saturday I went to the beach with a bunch of my friends. It was nice because we didn't get there till 130, but it was such a gorgeous day and the water was perfect. Not too cold but not warm either. We ended up staying till almost 6pm, it was a great day!It wasn't a good eating day though. I went way over my points,  but hey, it could have been worse :-)

I went home, grilled with M and my sister, and then ended up meeting up with my friend A from New Jersey, who was in town for the weekend visiting family friends with her mom. I stole her away and we went out wiht our other friend A, and two of my friends to Tequilla Rain. It was fun, but I truly think I'm done with those "douchey bars". you know the types, the ones that always have a cover. The big dance floors, always filled with bachelorette parties, and drinks that tend to stay in the 8-10 dollar range. It was fun to dance with my friends, but there are just so many other places that are better, and more fun. It was just filled with creepy guys, and rude girls pushing into you constantly. We all agreed it wasn't really our type of place. But it was still fun :-)

Sunday I felt kinda crappy, and I didn't even drink that much the night before (I offered to DD to save money and to make sure we could get home ok). I woke up my feet hurt and my neck was still. I brought my friend A back to her family, and went home planning on going to the gym with my sister. After an hour of procrastinating she suggested we go for a hike instead. Where I hadn't worked out at all since Wednesday, I wanted to do something, so I agreed and we set off with a ton of water (and an ice pack to keep it cold). It was an awesome hike. Really hot, but it was nice and cool in the trees. And I took some pictures, so my fellow bloggers can actually have some visuals, for once :-)

So all in all, I had a great weekend! Was it a perfect WW one? No, but I tracked everything, and Friday and sunday I was pretty good as far as food went, plus I burnt a crazy amount of calories on my hike, thanks to the 94 degree weather.

Here's how the rest of the week is turning out
M- Stayed within my points, and I worked out, even though I was not feeling it at all. I did the No More Trouble Zones  video, burnt 300 calories, and definetly felt it the next day :-)
T-  M and I went to see Horrible Bosses. We grabbed sandwiches from Fresh market for dinner, and then had two beers at Beer Works following the movie. Great movie, btw. I love Charlie Day. And My affection for Jason Sudekis is rapidly growing :-)
W- Crazy workout session. I ended up going for an hour and ahalf and burning 1068 calories! I am sore today!
Th-Cardio After work, I am going to try to ease back into running
Happy July Everyone! I can't believe how fast it's going!

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  1. Looks like you had a super fun weekend and you're having a great week! Way to go!