Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something's Missing

So upon reflection, I realized that it has been a solid 3 weeks since I've run ANYTHING. Like at all. And I 100% attribute this to the fact that every run I've had, basically since race in June, I have had a stabbing pain in my right abdomen. It's not like cramps, I get those normally in my side, and can work them out (most of the time). This is towards my stomach, and it makes me almost need to bend over it hurts so badly. And it's only while running. Eliptical? Totally fine. I mean I'll sometimes get a little cramp, but it's nothing I can't work through. Walking? Again, nothing. And it normally goes away once I start walking. So Who knows, maybe it's just a bad stich.

So what gives? Why is running so hard for me? It's so frustrating, because I was just finding a place where I could run a mile + without stopping, and 3+ miles with only a few short breaks. I was earning crazy activity points each week, (not to mention my great mood, thanks to all the endorphins). It's always something isn't it? I finally got my legs strengthened to a point where I rarely get knee pain anymore. And now there is this.

And I miss it! I miss feeling so empowered. I hate the eliptical, I get bored, and don't push myself hard enough on it (I know this is an easy remedy, but I just find it so hard to motivate myself with this). So for the past few days I've been researching what it could be, or ways to prevent it, and based on reading a bunch of websites, here is what I'm going to try (since I've rested for like 3 weeks):
  • Eating earlier. I normally have a pretty big snack( apple, cheese and saltines or crackers). I'm going to save the apple for after my workout, and cut down on the amount of crackers, so it's a smaller snack. I am going to eat it 1.5 hours before, instead of an hour, see if that works
  • Stretch. I do stretch, but I focus mainly on my legs, so I am going to make a conscious effort to stretch my upper body as well as my lower, in hopes that it makes it easier.
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Focus on my breathing, sometimes I get caught up in running and forget to breathe correctly. I am going to work on this
  • If I experience a cramp, try walking it out (Confession: I normally just give up and end my run, and do something else). Walk for 2-3 minutes, then try again.
I'll let you know how it goes!

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