Friday, July 8, 2011

Life Lessons Learned Over a Holiday Weekend

1. I Am Not Perfect. In Fact, I'm Not Even Close
I had this great plan this weekend (see previous post). What happened?
-I went to the beach instead of working out on Saturday
-I ate an entire bagel with cream cheese, followed by a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a large amount of alfredo on Saturday
- I had close to 8 beers on Saturday (between 2-1am) and split an order of wings and a haddock sandwich with fries with M at the Cape Ann Brewpub. Totally worth it, and hey, I wouldn't have split that stuff pre WW, right?
-I had a pretty delicious dinner Monday night, and inhaled a burger, salad, chicken sausage and my mom's potato salad (which is the best potato salad EVER)

Normally I would feel crazy guilty for totally disregarding my plan (besides my hike on Monday, which was AWESOME) But under my new ideology, I shouldn't. And won't. I worked my way out of  my -20 in the red. I tracked everything I ate. And even if I gain/don't lose this week (again), my weight loss won't magically dissapear. I'll still have lost close to 60 pounds. I can pick up where I left off and try for next week. Letting myself get down for enjoying myself, and having some REAL fun is just a bad mentality. And one that I won't let own me any longer :-)

2. Realtors are going to be the Death of me this month.
M and I have officially started our apartment search. And I hate it already. I've spoken with two realtors both of whom have told me that the amount I want to spend is unreasonable, and I need to go higher (which isn't a possibility. And judging by what is available, we can find something in our price range). I realize we are on the low end of the price range, but it's not like we're saying we want to spend 700 on a 1 bedroom apartment, or even 900. I wish the perfect apartment would just fall into my lap. all utilities included, no stress. Sadly I'm in the real world, where perfect things don't happen. M has been so much calmer throughout it, saying that if we don't find something we love for September, maybe we'll have more luck in October/November. And if that's the case it's worth the wait. Love him for being the cool one while I freak out.

3. I really enjoy hiking

Like, a ton. Lately every other weekend my sisters and I have been going up to the Blue Hills and going hiking for a few hours. It's so relaxing, fun, and judging by my HRM, a great workout! Even the easy trails we did, I still burnt close to 400 calories over 1.5 hours. And On Monday, coupling a more strenuous course with some serious humid weather, I burnt 875 over 2 hours. I was dying by the time we reached the top, but loved it all the same. It was exactly what I needed, because I had a lazy weekend, and didn't want to do any type of workout. This got me moving, while still spending time with M and my sisters. Next time I fully plan on taking some pictures :-)

4. I'm lucky to be surrounded by the people in my life
This one I like to think is pretty self explanatory. But I realized (especially this weekend) that while I feel lonley sometimes, I have a lot of great people in my life. My sisters, my parents, my boyfriend, and my friends are all good people. Every one of them annoys me at some point, but overall I love them, and need to remember that they feel the same way about me :-)

I waited to post this until after my weigh in today, because I wanted to see how my new philosophy worked. and you know what? It did! I maintained again this week, which I completely attribute to being OP Tuesday-Thursday and having some hard workouts to take myself outta the red. I'm glad to see that just because I indulge, it doesn't mean I have to fall off plan completely. And I leave you with a few pics from the brewery we went to on Sunday. It had an awesome outside area, and the beer was fantastic!

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