Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Searches, Sunburns, and Staying on Plan

Is the best way to sum up the weekend


Saturday was one of those days where everything went awry. The first apartment we called the landlord (as we were told to do by his son) to confirm. The guy screamed at us via phone and told us he wasn't showing it today and had no idea how we got his number. Nice.

So we drove around for a bit and looked for "for rent" signs, and then headed to the next apartment for our next showing. The realtor had told me it was "right near" a train. And it was. The commuter rail, which won't help M get to work downtown at all. It was also way further out than I had wanted, and a basement.

But this was all found out after we drove around for 20 minutes on a street filled with white cars, unable to find the apartment number. So we left, because I felt like my time was wasted, and the realtor didn't give us her cell phone. She called me, and was incredibly rude about the whole thing, telling me that she told me it was hard to find (hard to find, not impossible), that the number is in the back by the basement door, and that she told me what her car looked like (it was an upscale area, there are plenty of white volvos). It was all infuriating, not to mention she lied about the location, the yelling at me and demanding I turn back was unecessary. She had been there showing it all day, so I don't feel that badly, and maybe next time she should give out her cell phone, instead of her office phone.

Whatever. It wasn't what we were looking for anyways, I was more angry about the waste of gas than anything else. M and I came to a decision that it may be better if we wait to move out till November. September is a big month to move in Boston, and I feel like the prices of the places we are finding are a lot more than we wanted to pay. And maybe that is just how it is but I still feel like we can find a better deal if we wait. Plus we will have a ton more saved, and be well ahead of the game.

I also decided something big for myself as well, which is that I am going to try and find a part time job to supplement my income. I do babysit, which is great, but with my loans (which are AWFUL) I am going to be constantly worrying about paying my bills every month, and I would honestly rather work 10-15 extra hours a week and be more comfortable.

So I applied to a few coffee shops (because I figure it'll be slower on weeknights and the early mornings on the weekends will give me afternoons), and will go from there. I honestly felt a wave of stress just leave me after I made this decision, and am pretty sure it'll be ok :-) Trying to make it work on what I have right now just isn't an option. I need to do this for my sanity, haha. I am still going to keep up with tracking my finances though. When I worked at the Loft part time (which due to the lack of management and the 20+ hours I worked, was hell), I would spend my money freely, so even though I was making more, I was spending more too. Hopefully I get a job and can start planning better, but it's going to be a lot of home packed dinners and working out on nights off :-) I'm not going to let WW fall on the wayside. But I have to get the job first :-)

The less inspired part of my weekend. Sunday morning I lied outside in my backyard and read, instead of doing it in my bedroom. I put sunscreen on, but ended up staying longer than anticipated, because I got into my book, and finished it. I came inside, didn't notice any color, put my gym clothes on and went on my merry way.

Then I came back to take a shower, and screamed when I saw my chest :-( Thankfully it was only my chest, and not all over, but it'll teach me to reapply, even when it's only maybe 10-15 minutes more in the sun than my original intent was. Either way I am left with this :
It feels worse than it looks, trust me. the worst is UNDER the top :-(

And of course the after-effects of the sunburn : sleepless nights, limited selection of what I can wear (due to not wanting to wear clingy clothes that will rub against it), and not wanting to work out (it hurrttss).I think this is why I didn't get burnt at all last summer- the memory of a burn was fresh enough to overcome the want for sun :-(

Staying on Plan
This one is easy :-) I had a quiet weekend for once, (after weeks of busy ones) so I had a lot of time to focus on myself. Quick Recap:
-Friday night: low key night. had 4oz steak and salad for dinner, and 4 beers afterwards.
Saturday- Panera power sandwich for breakfast, tomato soup and a half of a "hamlet" from the New England Soup factory for lunch, beef stir fry with 1 c of white rice for dinner.
-No drinks, no snacks
-Activity I went for a short (45 minute) hike!
Sunday- Captain Crunch for Bfast (my sister bought it, how awesome is that? Plus it's only 3 PP a serving!), small PB&J for lunch
-Dinner was at a cookout. I had an italian sausage with peppers and onions, a small serving of their homemade potato salad (which was out of this world), triscuts and cheddar (which I estimated), 2 cookies and a bottle of wine (whoops)
-burned 685 calories at the gym prior to cookout. I deserved that wine.

And I still have 9 weeklies left! I am working out tonight and Thursday, and am feeling pretty good about my week so far. If I don't lose, I don't lose, but I feel good this week. I measured, I tracked. Could I have been better? Of course, but I've come to realize that I am not going to be perfect, ever. I will always give in a little. That's life, I don't want to be miserable all the time because I'm so obsessed with following my weight loss journey that I can't have any fun or splurge every once and awhile.

I feel like my splurges this weekend (the cookout and bottle of wine mainly) were well planned and done because I was enjoying myself, not because I went balls to the wall crazy and gave up. I was well aware of everything I ate and drank. In those situations, I'm completely for using a few weeklies (ok like 20) if it means enjoying myself, and living a little :-P

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  1. I hate apartment hunting. It can be so stressful!! Good luck with finding something in the future. It's always such a relief when that's over.

    Aw, that sunburn looks painful!!