Friday, July 15, 2011

Sometimes You Need a 9pm Bedtime

That's how I felt last night, anyways!
I was supposed to go to a midnight showing of Harry Potter last night (actually it was a double feature of the first and 2nd, starting at nine), but I woke up yesterday morning feeling exhausted, sinusy, and sounding like a manly version of myself. So After some debate I decided to cancel and stay in, for my health. I know myself, and staying out late + only getting 4 hours of sleep would not have been a good combination for me. I could almost promise you I would wake up sick. I won't lie, I was kind of looking forward to a midnight showing, but I think I would have won the bad decision award if I had gone.

I was just so exhausted. So I said my goodnights and went to bed, where I promptly passed out, and didn't wake up till this morning.

Best Decision ever. I don't know what was making me feel so gross all week, but I can tell you my best solution for that pre-sick feeling is getting extra sleep. I will always standby my method sleeping extra. It really does make you feel instantly better :-)

A 1.4 loss doesn't hurt that "feeling better" feeling either, haha. I was really excited about this one, because I felt like this was my first truly OP week in awhile. I worked out 3X (4 if you count my dog walk yesterday). ate all my weeklies but not beyond that, and tracked everything. So It's nice to know that this method is working!

Speaking of my dog walk, while walking the little guy (my dog is a dauschund chiawawa mix, so he's pretty little -30lbs), we went to the park, and came across this giant dog. I'm not talking german shepard/bernese mountain dog big, I'm talking the dog's body came up past my waist big.

I have no idea what kind it was, but it was not leashed. Which bothered me, not because he was vicious or anything, but because he was not well trained. And followed us all around the park, which visibly bothered toby. And I'm sorry but especially with a dog that sized, if he won't listen to you calling him back, that makes me very nervous. Especially where he kept on trying to "play" with my dog (like pounce on him and such), which upset little Toby even more. I said something to the owner about it, telling her that no offense, but it made me a little nervous where he got so far away from her and her response was "oh he won't hurt you" Yea, well your dog is upsetting my dog, and is badgering us on our walk

This is a park with tons of little kids. We were right near the playground. I'm not questioning the nature of the dog, but with any dog really, if he isn't going to listen to your commands, you should leash him when he is around other people/dogs. Not let him run clear across the park (it took the owner 10 minutes to catch up with him because he ran so far away). Just my 2 cents. And for what it's worth, Toby is very well behaved (like he won't bite anyone), but has a tendency to wander off and get distracted very easily. So I never let him off his leash. I'll run with him, and play with him, but I know how he can get, and I would hate for him to wander up to someone or some dog that doesn't want to see him, and have him get hurt/someone get offended, you know?

And for the record,  I love dogs of all sizes, this one situation just bothered me. I've had plenty of seemingly nice dogs growl at Toby, or other dogs take swipes at him. If this dog did that he would have seriously hurt him, with his size and everything.

moving on, I have a semi quiet weekend set up for myself. Tonight is date night. M got a groupon to this Cambodian-French restaurant in Cambridge, so we are heading over there after work. I'm excited, it is all very original food, nothing I've ever even heard of before. I'm looking forward to trying it!

Then we are heading over to this beer bar right down the street from the restaurant. We went once before in February, and loved it. They have an amazing beer selection, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. I plan on getting a few beers and enjoying myself :-)

Tomorrow is a beach day, and Sunday I may go for a hike with the sisters/go see Harry Potter. Either way it's shaping up to be a good weekend!!

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