Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breaking the Habit

I'll post a recap of life tomorrow, I actually took pictures this weekend! So I want to wait until I can post with the pictures :-)

I made a life changing decision last night. I have many vices. Some of which I have overcome, some of which I haven't.
I (for the most part) recognized my eating behavior, and have successfully curbed my overeating to a point where I am getting down into a healthy weight range.

As a result of my weight loss journey, I have cut back the amount I drink substantially. I am at a point in my life where I'm ok with having just one or two, and still having a great time! I have never been to the point where I needed to drink, but my drinking was excessive, and I was doing it to get drunk 90% of the time, not because I enjoyed it. Now I drink stuff I like, and not chug down gross beer because it's there

But my biggest vice, which is the hardest to admit to, is my nail biting.

I can't remember a time period where I didn't bite my nails. I don't know why I do it. Probably partially from habit and partially from nerves. Either way, I have always done it. I've tried to stop. But like my weight loss journey, I've never been serious about it.

until now! I bought the "Thum" baby stuff, you know, the stuff you put on kid's nails to get them to stop sucking their thumb or nail biting. I am determined to stop this habit. I have to say, it sucks that everytime my fingers are even near my mouth for whatever reason (not nail biting) I get a stinging taste, but hey, it'll be worth it.

I want to do it for numerous reasons. One, It's kind of gross to be biting your nails. Two, it's not very professional, and I feel like it gives me a negative (younger) connotation sometimes. I try to not do it at work, but it's mindless, it's not something I think about. I want to stop and am determined.

So you might ask, why am I posting this here, on my weight loss blog?

Because like everything with my weight loss journey, my blog helps keep me accountable. I will post in my weekly updates a tid bit on how this is going. Hopefully i'll make progress!

What are your/ were your bad habits? What have you done to overcome them?

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