Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog Update

So upon reflection yesterday, I realized I've been a bit lazy with my blog lately. My posts have been (for the most part) just recaps of life, with no real direction or focus. I have just been updating the pages, without really focusing on them, or why they are even there. The whole point of this blog was to motivate and inspire me throughout my weight loss journey. And it has, but lately I feel like I've lost my focus a bit.

So This is me, telling all of you that from here forward I am making a conscious effort to go back to my weight loss focus. I won't lie, I've been lazy. I haven't been creative. I haven't put the effort in. But from here on out I am! And I think this will help keep me focused on my actual journey, and keep me more honest (because I haven't been). I have been losing, but I'm not nearly as focused as I was a year ago. I post about becoming focused, but I know that estimating portions and not tracking certain items because I don't want to admit to eating it doesn't help anyone.

So what does that mean for you readers? You will still get some life updates, but I'm going to try and post more about my weight loss journey, my working out schedule, and my overall goals.

To start, here are my goals for September 30 (I can't believe it's almost August). I start working on this on Friday, the start of my new week:

By September 30
Goal 1270 APS - 30 a week, definetly attainable
Goal 210 POUNDS in 9 weeks. Totally doable, I just need to cut out the nights where I eat without abandon and tell myself "It's ok, I've been good lately"
Goal 35 days/week working out. Even if its just a walk, It  shouldn't be hard to do some type of activity 5X a week.
Goal 4hit GHG 5/7 days. Thanks to WW progress reports, This will be easy to keep track of!
Goal 5Limit indulgence (dessert drink over 5 Pts) 4 days. This includes more than 1 beer, sundaes, etc. I can have a small dessert each night, but for some reason I am very good at rationalizing my indulgences as necesary, when 9 times out of 10, I can do without

So there you have it. I will check in Every Friday and update with my progress, how I did that week, etc. If I follow it, I could be 187 by the end of September, which would be fabulous :-)

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