Friday, July 22, 2011

Hazy Weather,a Loss, and an Island

 It is the worst, isn't it? We are currently experiencing a mini heat wave in the Boston area. It's the weirdest weather, like you can see the humidity in the air, it's very hazy outside!  Last night I didn't feel like doing my workout (for a number of reasons, my knee hurt, it was hot outside which meant the gym would be packed, I was really sore from my workout the day before, etc), so M and I walked my pup at Castle Island.

Castle Island, for those of you that aren't from the area is a small island (connected by a strip of land now) in South Boston, that in the center of it is Fort Independence. The Fort was built in the 1800's, and used during most big wars (Civil War, Spanish American, WW I and II). I grew up going to Castle Island. Seriously. When my aunt was dying, my other aunt used to take us down their daily for the day. We would walk around the fort, get food/ice cream from Sully's (the food stand there, which has some of the best burgers, and 30 cent hot dogs the opening weekend), and play on the awesome playground they have there. When I did chior, our picnic every year was at Castle Island. When my friends and I growing up neaded a place to hang out or joke around, we would normally walk around Castle Island.

Castle Island is also an awesome place to take the walk. The circle around the Fort itself is about a 1/2 mile long, but the Sugar bowl (a walkway around the bay) is a good 2 -2.5 miles, depending where you park :-)

But enough blabber, i hope I have expressed how much I love Castle Island. It is hands down one of my favorite places in Boston :-)

so to escape the heat, we brought Toby down there. I figured the sea breeze would be enough to keep us cool, and I brought a water bottle and bowl for the pup :-)

I don't understand how it could be that windy and so hot at the same  time.
Seriously. It was like gale force winds, which made everything pretty miserable. And my dog did not make it past the island. He was miserable, and hot (the water did nothing). We did a shorter walk than we normally do, and headed back to the car. About halfway there I noticed he was limping (this was after a half hour or so). So I ended up carrying him for about 5 minutes. He loved it, I was less pleased.

Either way, the walk was an epic fail, but hey, I still got 30 minutes of exercise in :-)

Weigh in today I was down .2, which I was ok with. I was slightly nervous from last week that I had a false loss, because all week I didn't see that number again. so to have it reaffirmed was ok with me :-)

I have small plans this weekend, which I am 100% ok with :-) Tonight M and I are meeting at the gym and having a short workout (40 minutes) then making Chicken Tikka Masala from (which I'm completely pumped about). After dinner I plan to hang out with my friend J (not one of the J's mentioned, I have a lot of friends with name's starting with J)  and make mojitos, which should be low key and nice :-)

Then tomorrow M, my sister and I plan on taking a hike in the afternoon, which should burn a ton of calories as it's supposed to be close to 95 tomorrow :-) We're bringing lots of water, but last weekend it was the same weather on our hike, but it felt about 10-15 degrees cooler up there, so I'm hoping for the same results :-)

Sunday is hopefully a beach day. I've noticed a trend this summer that when I go to the beach, I tend to grab food to bring with me that isn't exactly point friendly. So Sunday I am going to make an honest effort to NOT do this, and bring healthier food (fruit salad, turkey sandwich, etc) Just because it's a beach day doesn't mean I can give up on focus, right?

So To recap, this weekend I will:
1. Workout twice
2. Make good choices (and portion out the bad ones)
3. Limit drinking to one night.

Happy Friday everyone!

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