Monday, March 5, 2012

Lazy Weekend

I did nothing. And it was frustrating and wonderful at the same time. I'm totally not the type of person who enjoys sitting around all day doing nothing. I always feel guilty about it, like I should be using that time working out, or cleaning, or organizing. Something, anything! So this weekend was a rarity for me, and so needed.
Friday night I got home, poured myself a glass of wine and hung out with my sisters while Matt and my other sister cooked us dinner. Matt made curry noodles and my sister made black bean burgers. Both were equal parts delicious. It was a really nice night, very relaxing.

Saturday I dropped Matt off at work, went grocery shopping, and then came home. I wasn't feeling great (my stomach was off) so I lied up on the couch for a little bit and read). 3 hours later, I realized that I wasn't going to get much done today :-) But that's okay. I'm currently almost finished with The American Wife, for those of you who don't know much about the book, it's fiction loosely based on the life of Laura Bush (I looked up the facts of her life, and they pretty closely allign). It is such a fantastic book, and a really interesting read. It's also the first book I've read in awhile, so it feels good to get back on the reading wagon.

Saturday night Matt and I both didn't have any plans, and decided to just lay low, not drink a bunch (although I did have more wine, it was just so good!)  and watch some movies. We ended up watching a few episodes of Homeland, and the movie Beginners It was a good enough movie, not great In my opinion. The plot is really good, but I felt like the way it was made was a bit too artsy/trying to hard for my taste. I think it would have been a lot better of a movie if instead of flashing back the entire time, it was more linear. The flashbacks made it hard for me to follow, and made me a bit confused at times of what was currently happening and what was in the past. Christopher Plummer was great in it though.

Sunday was spent dealing with screaming children at babysitting, and then hanging out with family/more reading. I'm glad I went home, it was nice to spend some QT with my sister before she goes back to school, although the end of the visit wasn't so great, and left me in a sour mood. It's continued into today as well. I'm just so tired, all weekend my hip has been hurting, and I feel as though I need an actual break :-/, or at least for things to become less stressful and just a teeny bit easier. Is that too much to ask?

My Lazy Saturday. As if I needed more motivation, it was also raining outside :-)

Saturday night dinner

He's a pro at begging

Also made for a great pick me up :-)
cheesy chicken nuggets, roasted asparagus and homemade potato chips. I don't know what would have made for a better pick me up from the Sunday Blues Dinner :-)

have a great week everyone :)

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