Friday, March 23, 2012

Keeping Up Fridays

Weigh In Results: -.6 195.8

- Honesty Time: I totally peaked yesterday, and saw a lower number than that. I was dissapointed this morning, which serves me right for peeking! But now I'm over it, and know if I keep it up I can see that number next week OR an even lower one!

-I obviously need to stop making excuses for myself, and start taking my gains and losses as they come. If I work at my weight loss, I lose weight. It's as simple as that.

- I have actually been keeping up with that workout schedule! Today didn't happen, but I think thats okay, because to be honeest, my hip really hurt yesterday. I think I need a rest day, even though I didn't plan for one. This right here is operation better safe than sorry.  Tomorrow I plan on trying a different video, one less side lunge centric. This is like a guessing game, I'll get it right eventually.

- I'm really looking forward to a low key weekend. Lots of cleaning, organizing, and just relaxing. God knows I need it!

- I really wish I had decided to suck up dealing with all the obnoxious teens and made plans to see the Hunger Games this weekend haha. I'm going in 2 weeks, but I now realize I'm going to be dyyingg until then. Gah.

-I am proud to report, that even though my stress level has been at a 10 for the past day or so, the only indulgence I had was a donut. And it wasn't even that good. How is that for progress? I failed at tracking today, I'll do it when I get home.  But I haven't eaten that much due to my stomach being in knots, so win? :-) It's total progess, even a month ago when stress got to me I would have binged and eaten /drank to make myself feel better. I didn't even enjoy the donut, and it definitely didn't make me feel better. So here's to next time there being no indulgence at all!

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