Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend In Review

To start, I maintained Friday. I know I could have done better last week (didn't focus on water, bought Matt and I cookies because he had a bad day, etc) plus I was having some dietary issues, so I was okay with it. I have my Dr. Appointment for my physical on 3/20, and am really looking forward to it. I want to talk to her about all the weird things that have been going on lately (excessive loss of hair, inability to lose weight, dry skin, basically all signs pointing to my thyroid), and hopefully from there my weight loss journey can be on an upswing, you know.

To recap the weekend:

Work was insane, I got some great news on the work front, coupled with some roughness with Matt. I'm convinced his PT messed up his back, because he's in so much pain, and it's so hard for him to deal with. In addition it stinks for me as well, because it's just added stress on us :-/ He's paying out of pocket to see a different PT tomorrow, and I'm really hopeful. I think he needs a second opinion, because after 6 months, he still shouldn't be in this kind of pain.

We made mozzarella tomato paninis for dinner (amazing) and then went to Dave and Buster's for drinks and fun with my friends and all their boyfriends (two newbies, it was an opportunity for us all to meet them). It was so much fun, for those of you who have never been to D&B, it's a bar/restaurant and then a giant arcade with a ton of games. It was so much fun, and Matt, who loves arcades, was in his element haha. It was a nice break from all the stress we've been dealing with, and just a really good night! I also went over my drink plan a bit, but did stop myself after a certain point, which is something I'm working on. I decided to cut back on my drinking for a few weeks, and see if that makes a difference. I don't want to restrict myself from drinking at all, but at the same time, I want to cut back. So my plan is to not get drunk for awhile and focus on social drinking, and only having 1-2 out instead of 3-4 haha.

My parents went down the cape, so Matt and I were dogsitting for Toby. It was fun, he was adorable, and it gave us the opportunity to run some errands in the Milton/Quincy area. We picked up my sister from the airport( she did a service week down in DC), and then heading back to our place which desperately needed a cleaning. It was a low key night, with some drama and wine :-/ But hey, they happen right?

 Sunday was daylights savings, and I had to babysit at 10. So I was exhausted, and grumpy haha. I went home and rested for a little bit, then grabbed the pup and met up with my friend J, and we went for a mini hike. It was a great time, I loved being outside and in the Blue Hills, it got me so excited for this summer and hiking with my sisters and Matt again. It's the one form of exercise that I never mind doing, and really enjoy. It's such a great feeling, and such a calorie torcher, gimme a month and we'll be up there every weekend!(weather permitting!)

Overall, a pretty good weekend, albiet busy! I think I handled my eating pretty well (although Sunday I definietly snacked), and Sunday was my first activity in awhile. My hip was sore later on, but not terrible, so I'm taking that as a good sign! I plan to start walking/upper body workouts 3 days a week, and easing back into a routine. My goal this week is to stick to my eating plan, Get in a workout Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (my tentative plan is 45 minutes walking on a slight incline, and 15-20 minutes upper body strength). I plan to start with a bit of strength today, and see how it feels! Happy Monday!

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