Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Downtime has been rare

These past few days, anyways. Moving has been crazy! And as a result I haven't been the best dieter, which stinks. But here we go, getting out all out there:

Everything I've done wrong the past 5 days:
-lots of candy
-More soda than I should be drinking
-large quantities of pizza yesterday for lunch
-mcdonald's late night on Saturday (I didn't really have dinner...)
-blackjack chicken sandwich for lunch on Monday: chicken cutlet, bacon, chipotle mayo and pepperjack cheese. It was as delicious as it sounds :-)

So not completely awful, but not great either. I definetly didn't portion control, which would have been my saving grace. Oh well, Matt made a delicious dinner with brats and veggies last night (including roasted asparagus which was divine) and today I've had:
-Trader Joe's bagel with light Cream Cheese and a banana
-light ceasar salad with a handful of crutons.

And I have a turkey pumpkin chili cooking in the crock pot, which I'm so excited for! I found it at, so I'm hopeful it's going to be delicious!

The apartment is great, I love the area as much as I thought I would. It's so neighborhood y and funky. We're still unpacking and moving stuff, but that's why I have the week off :-) I do miss my family, and my puppy, but I'll be home tomorrow, and probably throughout the weekend. We got our couch today, and cable and internet last night, and we're going to tackle the coffee table and dining room table tomorrow, so hopefully from there things come together :-)

I just can't wait until we're done. I've been having trouble sleeping, just knowing all the stuff we had to do, you know? Tomorrow we're doing a day date to the aquarium, after we go home to clean and what not. I'm excited, it's going to be a nice change to do something!

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