Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ready for a Break!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am happy to report that:

-I did not go crazy this weekend. And
-I had a really good time :-)

Did I eat fantastically? Nah. But I was honest, tracked everything (including all the drinks. Starting early really sets you back), and resisted on multiple occasions. In fact, I think that my worst was probably sunday, due to the hangover. All I wanted was fried food, haha.

-I didn't work out but I focused on portion sizes and filling meals. I bearly snacked which is really good for me
-I ate an entire chicken parm grinder for dinner on Sunday but combined with my french toast for breakfast, I was still only a little bit over
-I drank a lot, but I tracked everything, and focused on low calorie mixed drinks
hey, could be worse!
So overall, it definetly could have been worse. I'm glad I didn't just write this weekend off as a wash. I need to stop doing that so much! I didn't get to work out yesterday (didn't feel good/had a million things to do!) but was pretty good with my eating so I'm ok. I was so tired from all the traveling, I think it's understandable. I have plans to go tonight and tomorrow (hopefully for a morning workout!)

And we have a meal plan, which is great because I won't lie, the temptation to throw caution out the window since it's a short week is definetly there. But we have so much food to eat up, it's good :-)

T- ground turkey fajitas with black beans, peppers and onions (cardio/weights at the gym)
W- african cashew soup from 110pounds.com. I'm so excited for this! We are pairing it with sourdough bread, and slicing some cheddar cheese on top as well :-) (video workout)
Th- Thanksgiving!! (hiking!)
Friday- leftovers for lunch, fish tacos for Dins (workout outside I think, it's gonna be so nice!)
Saturday- steak stir fry for lunch, then out for pizza for dinner! (walking)

Should be a good week, hopefully my efforts will be reflected at the scale!

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  1. Way to track!!

    When I am drinking everything goes out the window!