Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So after months of talking about it (as you all know haha) I finally did it.

This morning I got up 40 minutes early, and worked out.

But let me back track a bit.

So I did make it to the gym last night, and had a great strength workout alongside some cardio (mainly walking on an incline, with a little running although my indigestion was terrible so it wasn't too much!)

It hurt, a lot. That's what I get for only doing cardio/videos for like, a month. But it was a good hurt (ok some of it wasn't so great feeling), because I love strenght training, I love doing reps and feeling it in my muscles. It's a workout that makes me feel so confident in myself, something I don't always get from cardio (because there is always someone killing it just a bit more than I am). Sure, I get the high and good feeling, but there is something about strength training. Maybe it's the way it makes me feel, maybe it's the fact that I'm normally one of like 3 girls in the gym doing it. I dunno, but it's an awesome feeling :-)

And what's more, I went home, ate a relatively healthy dinner ( LOVE fajitas), watched my shows (Bored to Death, which had the weirdest ending, and Dexter), and went to bed. No snacks, no dessert, pure OPness.

I planned to wake up early and do a video. I woke up this morning (early) and realized I didn't set up a video. I almost just said "eff it" and went back to sleep, but I pushed myself to get up. And I'm so glad I did! Once I was up, I felt fine, no more tired than I normally am in the morning.

I did a Yoga video, something I had never done before, but always wanted to try. I started out with a Jilian video, but one squat and I realized how sore my legs were from the gym the night before, so I switched to a starter yoga video on demand.
It was actually a really good one for beginners, because none of the movements were that hard, but I was still sweaty and felt like I was getting a workout,  I was actually really surprised. Was it killing me as much as a Jillian or Biggest Loser video does? Nope, but it was a different kind of burn, and when I was done I felt so awake and energised. I think it's really good that I did this, because now I can use the fact that I KNOW  I'll feel great afterwards to push me to get up and going earlier in the morning. And hopefully, I can do this a couple times a week!

Today I have a pork sandwich for lunch, Matt and I are making a African peanut soup, which I'm psyched about :-) I'm excited for tomorrow, I love Thanksgiving, especially with my family. Where so many of us watch our weight, it's really easy to stay OP during the meal. I just gotta watch my snacking and drinking!

Happy Thanksgiving!

So fingers crossed everyone, I'm back on track and I (hopefully) have my motivation back! woohoo!

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