Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Changes, Updates, and Planning

So I finally found that sneaky motivation that has been MIA this fall. No idea where it was, but I'm going to go with inside that thanksgiving turkey :-) Or maybe I just got tired of seeing bigger numbers on the scale. My full on recognition came on Sunday, when I was hiking. It made me realize 1. How much I missed hiking with my sisters, and 2. that I'm not done yet. I want to get fitter, healthier, thinner. I still have a ways to go, and I need to start doing better again, for real. Not just talking about it. I need to get strict again.

One thing I never understood was the mentality of "you can eat whatever you want on weight watchers". Because when I do that, I don't lose. I think WW was great for teaching me that I didn't have to starve myself, but it also taught me about making choices, and limiting indulgences to when they are actual indulgences, or treats. And not just something I eat everyday. When I was doing well on WW, I was only eating dessert 2-3 times a week. I was only drinking 2X a week, and one of those times was 1-2 beers. I would eat my hamburger topless (hehehe), without the top bun, and portion things out ahead of time, so that I wouldn't accidentally eat more than a serving size. To me, that isn't eating anything I want. That's following a plan and restricting yourself, however slightly, to make effective change.

I understand what the saying means, it was just always something that never registered with me, because to me, effective weight loss is restricting certain things, and following a plan. And that is what I'm getting back to. Portioning out food, planning ahead, limiting "treats"

So in that realm, here are some changes  I'm making:

  •  To keep me accountable, I'll be posting the following:
    • A weekly post on either Monday or Tuesday which will review my weekend, and plan ahead for the week!
    • Recipe Reviews on either Sundays or Wednesdays
    • Weighing In On Thursdays, which I will post every Thursday (with a better name)
I'm really excited for this! I'm also getting a new phone (Samsung Infuse I think?) Either next week or the week after, so the amount of pictures I post will increase. like a lot. :-)

And I have some updates as well...
-Thanksgiving was great. I combated the dreading snacking by going to see the Muppetts with my sisters. Great movie, family bonding, what more could you ask for? The food was amazing too, and we had so much left over! My mom gave us giant ham steaks (bc my dad doesn't eat turkey, so naturally she bought an entire ham) so we have been using them to go along with our breakfasts (cut up of course)

-I managed to work out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sunday's workout was a whopping 865 calories, thanks to a 2 hour hike. I felt so awesome afterwards. Oh , and guess who left her HRM at the bottom of her laundry basket. Best find ever!

- I did no shopping this weekend. Well that's a lie, I bought clothing for myself. Whoops. Now I'm onto holiday mode. And I have no freaking idea what to get anyone. But this is rare, normally I do all my shopping online this weekend, and I'm pretty much set for the holidays.

-I made an eggplant parm soup last night after dinner. From scratch (like boiled boullion to make stock). It was way more work than I had hoped for, so hopefully it's tasty! But I'm excited to have so much of it- Lunch for the week for Matt and I!

-I've updated my financial and weight loss goal pages on here, for once. I'm back to hard core budgeting (I knew November would be a wash with all the moving) and work out goals. Lets get it!

Plan for week
DayMondayTuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday
LunchTurkey BLTEggplant Parm Soup with slice of french bread>>>
DinnerBuffalo Chicken Bites with roasted pot/vegcheesy taco pastabrats w/ aspara1/4 lb burger, sweet pot fries, veggiesteak stir fry
workoutrest1/2 cardio (elipt) and 1/2 strenghtyoga/video (morning?)cardio (run/walk), strengthmorning yoga

Happy Tuesday! Now if only my sinus issues would go away!

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