Thursday, November 17, 2011

On the Edge

So to start, I didn't expect a loss today. You wanna know why?

Because I've been honest with myself. I've been tracking things to the best of my abilities, trying to watch portion sizes, etc. I walked a ton on Saturday and worked out Sunday (30 day shred) and Tuesday (running and abs!).

Was I perfect? Nah, but I was honest. I resisted cravings, (for the most part), and offered to drive  on Saturday night so that I wouldn't drink to the point of getting drunk (or even tipsy for that matter). I didn't feel the need to binge like I had been the past few weeks, and it felt good to be somewhat in control. It made me feel good about going away this weekend, because I know I can come up with a gameplan and follow through with it.

AT least, I hope so.

anyways, backtracking haha. This weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night I met some friends out at a bar for some good beer. I had a good amount, but  not too much, thanks to my indigestion acting up something fierce about half way through the night. OH well. Saturday I still felt crummy (It was seriously the worst) and after a nice soup Matt and I showed his parents our place, and then I met up with my friend D, who was visiting with her boyfriend for the weekend. Saturday we had dinner at Wagamamas (after walking about the north end, which was great!), which I definetly ate too much of haha and then out for drinks. It was a nice night, and I didn't feel bad about my eating/drinking, because I did my best to moderate.

Sunday was probably my worst day, not due to my eating, but the fact that I drank all day. But it happens, and I didn't actually get drunk, just a little tipsy :-)

I also found out that the ice cream place near us has "hard yogurt", which is really low calorie, and ultimately delicious. Best. Find. Ever.

The rest of the week was pretty in control. I didn't go crazy with eating, I tried to stop myself at one portion, etc.

I weighed in this morning at 197.2. I don't even want to talk about that. Because for all my overkill this week, I know I didn't go over  by that much (remember the honesty?), and I burnt at least 1000. At least. I miss my Heart rate monitor. Over thanksgiving I'm making an honest effort to find it. I'm 75% sure it's somewhere in my car.

I'm tired today, abut am happy to report that I went home and worked out (because Matt took my ipod today. Tricky) and cooked dinner (This) 

It's a work in progress haha dinner came after working out, and took a bit longer than I thought. But oh well. Heading to Jersey after work tomorrow, could not be more excited :-)

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