Thursday, October 27, 2011


To start:

-I've been good with my promises! I've tracked everything, stayed within my calories (ok I was 18 over yesterday, but 18? come on thats nothing!), I haven't had soda since the weekend, and I feel 10 times better. Less sluggish, craving sweets less, etc. Hopefully I'm on the right track

-I have had some halloween candy (damn tubs above the water bubblers. How am I supposed to resist that?!) but I only take 1 at a time, and that normally keeps me from overindulging, and eating more than one piece :-)

-I did skip the gym yesterday, but it was mainly because my right thigh was bothering me. I twinged the muscle a bit when I was doing lunges, so I figured it's best to give it a day over hurting it further. I'm going to tonight, even though it's still a bit tight. I figure worst case scenario, I can just walk :-) )

- I decided to switch my WI days to Thursdays, for two reasons. One being that my Thursday nights have become busier, and less relaxing than they used to be, where Wednesdays are normally low key nights. and two, I figure it will give me a fresh slate, with a new day to focus on each week. I'm hoping where it's closer to midweek, I'll be more inclined to stay OP over the weekend. We'll see. For starters, I lost 1.6 today, so it's promising!!

Ok, business out of the way, I'll finally recap my birthday weekend a week later, haha. It was fun, and pretty much what I wanted. Relaxing, not too crazy, and full of activity and errands :-) Matt got me a wine/beer making class (which I'm pumped for) and lillies :-) I'll take a picture for you over the weekend, they are super pretty! My parents got me winter books, and my sisters an ihome type thing. So all in all pretty good birthday! My mom made me tacos and got me an amazing cake from Fratellis, and my sisters were home Saturday, so we went for a mini hike with toby. He did awesome because he's a trooper haha it wasn't a crazy hike, but we did burn 350 calories, so it was great in my eyes!

Sunday Matt and I went for a walk around castle island and apparently there was a huge halloween party going on for the kids that day. It was so adorable to see all the children dressed up, there was some great costumes :-) And we got a nice walk in, also a plus. We then headed over to Red Bones where I had amazing southern food and some great beer. It was a really nice day/night, and I was very content afterwards, which is very important for birthdays haha

I've had a good week workout wise, with all the activity last weekend and 2 workouts this week so far. Hoping to get one more in tonight. Especially since we are moving (!!!) this weekend. Or at least starting to. So I doubt I'll make it to the gym, from helping my friend J move, I know I'm going to be sore :-/

Happy Thursday!

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