Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October results and November goals!

So I cannot believe how fast October went! With moving at the end of the month, I didn't workout for the last weekend, but I'm sure I burnt something. Just not tracked :-) I'm also not on my work computer, so bear with me with the formatting :-)

note: I'm the worst. I wrote this last week, and never posted. So here you go, because I've been awful, and don't want to post about it :-P

Burn 8000 Calories: 7114. Not too shabby!
Lose 4 pounds:Start Weight: 194.2. Current Weight: 192.8 1.4 down. Better than nothing, right?
Work out 20 times! 16 Workouts. So close! 
Pretrack 50% of meals and track all: Probably my worst month for this. 

Ok, so all things considered, going away, my birthday, Halloween, moving, etc, I think it's pretty great that I did as well as I did. Now I'm back on track. November goals!

1. Burn 8000 Calories, for real
2. Lose 2 pounds. 
3. Workout 20 times
4. Focus on tracking. Don't get sidetracked!
5. Meal plan every week
6. Get up early for a workout at least 2X this month. I have my own living room, and a beautiful park a minute away, I have no excuses!

Lets do this!Number 4 is especially important for me, because with moving out comes more expenses (ugh). Matt and I are committed to meal planning, couponing, and sticking to our budget (100 a week max). Living near a trader joes will definetly help this, but either way meal planning will help me stay OP and in budget :-)

  I'm going to give myself the rest of this week as a break, working out wise. I want to get organized, that's a priority. This weekend I am going to hit up the gym at least once.

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