Monday, December 5, 2011

I Have A Defense, I swear!!

I didn't just abandon all my "changes" that I posted about. Between a crazy busy week at work, and a virus ridden home laptop. I haven't had time to post. Once I get my computer working again I will get back on my tracking! Also, If any of you are computer geniuses out there, any advice would be greatly appreciated. My McAfee scan tells me I have 0 viruses, but the "privacy protection" my computer has says there are 90. And my firefox won't open. Ugh, it's so frustrating. I paid for McAfee for a reason!

Anyways, as far as updates go:

-I was sick Wednesday-Sunday. Like hacking up a lung sick. Drinking didn't help, but I sadly did it anyways (dumb) I didn't go crazy though, especially Saturday night I restrained msyelf :-) Thankfully A lazy Saturday filled with Friday Night Lights (Season 4 is so good) and chinese food seemed to help. As did shopping and a home cooked meal last night. And lots of sleeping :-)
-I did WI on Thursday, and lost 3.2! I couldn't believe it, because all week I had felt so large, and the scale was saying scary numbers. I even complained to Matt on Wednesday night about how I was trying so damn hard and not seeing any results, if anything I was gaining. So to get that validation was nice.

Overall, I could have done better this weekend, but I also could have been a lot worse. Mainly Friday night was a bit calorie heavy, but Saturday I resisted snacking and even went for a nice long walk (which burnt 350 calories) and Sunday I had a nice filling breakfast, a 30 minute walk with the puppy, and an awesome steak dinner with my parents, so I was in really good shape by the time night came around :-) I'm optomistic for the rest of the week. I wish I did more fitness wise this weekend, but at the same time I know it was for the best, because if I had pushed myself I may have still been sick!

Hopefully I can get my computer situation figured out soon, and I will post more frequently!

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