Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Do Sunny Days

always fall on a Monday that I'm working?

For real. All weekend was rainy cloudy, or overcast. then I wake up this morning, and its gorgeous. And I see everyone without a desk job is going to the beach

Yea, I'm jealous :-) All I want is a beach day, is that so wrong?

For the first time this month, I had a quiet weekend. And it was awesome. I definetly felt it too, Wednesday I came home from the gym and seriously wanted to pass out then and there. I was absolutely exhausted, and it pretty much translated into the weekend. I slept a good amount Friday night, and yet I was still exhausted all day and night,  with no amount of coffee being able to wake me up.

And because of my exhaustion, I obviously didn't work out. I mean, why would I? I was tired! And that is the best excuse ever to say "Eff the gym" and lie around watching Friday Night Lights all afternoon, right?

Ohh Marie. Thankfully, I made plans to be active with M and sisters on Sunday, and I couldn't get out of that (not until I went to a weight watcher boardie meet up at Buffalo Wild Wings though! It was great to meet some of them in real life!)

So I got dressed in my workout gear and headed out to the Blue Hills for a hiking adventure. We did the basic trails up and down, nothing crazy or new, but it was still a lot of fun, and made me feel 10 times better. I really have found that I like hiking a lot. It's a great workout, a great way to spend time outside, and to spend time with M and my sisters. Plus, it's gorgeous up there, and quiet, so you can truly just relax and enjoy yourself, while burning a compariable amount of calories as I would when I go to the gym.

I think that's why I haven't been going as much as I would like. I've just found so many ways to work out outside, and it rarely feels like actually working out, which is just an added bonus :-)

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