Monday, June 20, 2011


I jumped on the scale Friday morning. I was up 2.2 from last week. Which I obviously expected. But I won't lie, I wished that I would miraculously be under last week, just because life wanted to reward me for my vacation victories and enjoying myself (now, wouldn't it be awesome if life rewarded you for just enjoying yourself?)

Ah well. Moving on. I know what I could have done better (a lot!). I also know that I had a blast, and needed the break (see previous post). I can't get hung up on the scale, it was only one week, right?

The past weekend my friends A and D came up from Jersey to visit my other friend A and I! The four of us (plus a bunch of others who couldn't make it this weekend) were in London together, and a good time happens whenever they come to visit, this time was no different. Lots of fun, lots of laughing, and lots of me missing our time together in London. Love those girls and love when they come visit! The only downer was I ended up having to babysit saturday night, and my friend A ended up having to go home to see her family, so I felt awful leaving them by themselves. Thankfully M (who really earned his brownie points with me this weekend) came through and met up with them for me, and bar hopped with them. I have never been so thankful to have such a kick-ass boyfriend as I was on Saturday. I was so stressed out with everything (we went to the bruins parade, so some of them had been drinking since noon, and were in rough shape by 6 when I left) and just knowing that my friends were having a great time and not left stranded in the city helped enormously. But enough of that gush :-)

How cute are they? this is them on the busride up friday!
All in all, a good weekend.  I did have a plan this weekend though. Did I stick with it perfectly? nope. But I finished the week out tracking everything and making decent choices. I only drank one night (Saturday night I had to babysit, so I missed the bar hopping part and didn't get to meet up with them until close to 1am), and then limited my drinks considerably. I did snack a lot, but I tracked it to the best of my abilities, and can say that I'm still in a pretty good place this week. Now for a weekend after a gain, I definetly could have done better. I did walk a ton (all around boston, I felt it both mornings) but I didn't get to the elusive gym. And I was a bit lax with my WW choices (ginger chicken udon actually turned out to be a relatively healthy choice, as did the turkey burger I had for lunch Saturday), but I didn't just throw caution to the wind and go crazy either.

I also have my first not crazy week in about a month coming up this week. I actually have time to relax, and really focus on my weight loss journey.  And I fully plan on taking advantage of it. Here is my plan (in addition to healthy eating and minimal snacking):
M- gym- 35-40 minutes eliptical, strength training
T- running outside (probably at the beach so just 2 miles)
W- gym- running inside, strength
Thursday- day off

Where I haven't (confessional) worked out consistently in a few weeks, I figure three days on and then a day off are a great start. I have worked out, don't get me wrong. But it's been varied, and not nearly as intense as what I was doing a few weeks back. I'm getting back into it, break time is over! I miss how I felt when I worked out regularly. I slept better, I felt thinner (which was all mental but still), and I was less tempted all the time. I am determined to get below 200, and closer to my goal. And now that life is calming down after graduations, vacations and friend visits, I have the opportunity to focus on myself once again. Life will always get in the way, and it's ok to not be as intense with my system sometimes. I don't want to get to the point where I feel like I have to give up everything just to work out and be healthy. There has to be that balance between the fun and the work. It's my enternal struggle :-)

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