Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Things Friday

First of all, I have no idea how, but I hit 201.2 today! Seriously, I weighed myself like 3 times. I guess the eating more and working out less was good for my body, got it out of norm and shook things  up for me. Either way I'm excited :-) I don't think I've ever lost that much before in one week!!

I'm distracted by the fact that In just a few hours I will be on my way to the American Craft Beer Fest,  so you get onna these :-)

1. The American Craft Beer Fest
M and I have gone every year since 2009, when I was finally 21 for it :-) It's so much fun! The begining is a little crowded, but by 7-8pm it clears out, and you can take your time, sample all these great companies, and talk to the pourers about the companies. It's through the beer fests that M and I have found all these great beer companies (Woodstock Inn, Stoudts, Russian River, Blue Hills, the list goes on and on!)

Also, last year was at the height of my gastro issues, so I spent the majority of the time chugging water trying to get rid of my heart burn. I am 10 times better this year, and have a purse full of tums and prevacid, So I plan to drink and enjoy myself. Game plan for dinner is to get a small sandwich early and then share noodles with M afterwards, to help soak up the alcohol :-)

2. Hiking

I'm all talk. I'm always saying "we should go for a hike this weekend" but when it comes up I always find an excuse. It might rain, I have stuff to do, I don't know if we have time. But Monday afternoon M and I headed up to the Blue Hills with two of my sisters, and it was a blast. I burnt a ton of calories, we hiked for almost 3 hours. It was such an invigorating feeling to get to the top and look around, and realize how far you came. I hope to do it more, and try more intense trails, build up my endurance ;-)

(Sorry for the awful quality of these, phone pics on top of the mountain don't do it justice. Thankfully my sweat stains are also hidden)

3. Groupon/Bloomspot/Living Social Deals

Lately I've been really utilizing this resource, and have gotten some great deals that I'm super excited to try!
-Half off breakfast or lunch at the Haven, a scottish restaurant around here that M has wanted to try
-Half off food at Cityside bar, which is in a great area and will be a good place to grab dinner before going out! Funny story I actually bought this thinking it was Big City, another bar that we frequent. We've never actually been to cityside, but I'm excited to have an excuse to go somewhere else!
-Half off clothing from Old Navy- no secrets, I'm pumped for this guy
-Half off Tapas in Brighton- I saw this on Bloomspot and decided to buy it! We are going to go for M's birthday on Tuesday!

The only downside is in Mass you can't use it on alcohol. Oh well, we never really go out to eat, just because of the price. So it'll be a ton of fun to get to try these new restaurants!

4. The New Coldplay Song

I'm sure it will be crazy overplayed, but I'm going to enjoy it now :-)

5.  Graduations

I can honestly say that my favorite part of high school was Graduation Week. It started out with Prom. Then you have a week off filled with Senior Breakfast, Senior Luncheon, Bachelaureate, Senior Tribute, Graduation rehersals, the Drive Around, and then finally, Graduation itself. I loved how big of a deal Fontbonne made graduation, it made it such a great experience. Now my baby sister is graduating on Sunday, and it is bringing me back :-) I'm so excited for her graduation, she's had a tough year school wise (horrible teachers, struggling with maintaining her weight loss) and I know she is looking forward to college and moving on from high school :-)

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  1. Great job on the WI and I love the new font! Have fun at the beer fest, better you than me, I don't like beer, haha!