Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation weeks ALWAYS drag

Don't they? I took Friday off ages ago for my pending vacation with M. Since he got his job (which totally outweighs this), we can't leave here till around 3, so I have the day off to hang out, get ready, etc etc. I might try and book a little beach time in there too ;-)

This weekend was busy! I ended up eating a sandwich that did not agree with me (it tasted fine, but I'm wondering if the pesto was off. I was buzzed while eating it, it could very well be the case). So most of the beer fest was spent clutching my sides in the bathroom. Lovely way to spend 45 dollars, let me tell you. I felt bad, for myself and for M since it was just the two of us. Hopefully the next one goes better!! I learned my lesson, I will always eat beforehand!! It was still fun though, for the time I got to enjoy it :-)

Saturday M and I managed to get in a little gym time. I spent a solid 45 minutes working on strength training, because I still felt a bit off from Friday. As of Wednesday I was still sore. And I was honestly wondering if I maybe I pulled a muscle, since I hadn't done anything in a week and a half (Strength wise anyways, I've been busy!!). However I went to the gym last night, against all odds.

I left my sports bra at home. so I had to go all the way home, and then change and head to the quincy PF, which I hate. It's always busy and people are always standing around judging. Especially in the weight area.

But I went , and am proud to say I stood my ground and did upper body weights in the free weight section, even with all the big muscley guys crowding the area and walking around (seriously at least 3 of them almost walked into me). I actually got a good strength workout, even though I purposely didn't use my lower body at all. I used 7.5 pound weights, and can feel it today! I also spent 35 minutes on the eliptical, working my way up from level 7-10. I think from now on I'm going to start on level 8, because the first 10 minutes were very easy, and my HR was pretty low for me (around 140-150). Normally it's low for the first 5 or so and then picks up, so I think starting at a higher level with bring me back to that!

All in all a good workout, which I was happy with. I was so nervous that I had hurt myself, but I really felt no pain, which was awesome :-)  And today I feel so much better! It's funny how tricky that line between normal soreness and bad alert soreness is, isn't it?

And throughout everything this week: little sister's graduation, M's birthday (which included Tapas and Sangria. Amazing), the beer fest, and only working out twice (but taking long walks with the puppy two times as well), I am still showing a maintan from last week, at least. Which is exciting. I can honestly say that I did well with all these events. I didn't drink too much on Sunday, and only ate 2/3 of my meal. I stopped myself with tapas when I was full, and M and I only got a half liter of sangria, instead of the full. And thanks to quasi food poisoning I only drank half what I planned on drinking at the beer fest. So I consider this week to be a win! I can't have crazy 40+ AP weeks all the time. That's just life, I need to accept that. And I think having this weekend away will be great for me. M and I plan on working out on Saturday morning (tentatively) and swimming both days, plus we are going to walk to town and back from the hotel (its a big road, very safe and about 1/.4 miles each way), so I'll get some APs to combat the drinks and delicious food! I need a weekend off from tracking, and plan to jump back on the WW bandwagon sunday night, hopefully not inflicting any damage.

My focus this weekend will be the same as my birthday. To indulge without going overboard. To not stress about points, but instead focus on hunger signals and what I need vs what I want. I think it's going to be great for me!

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