Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Know Who I Am?

I'm the girl who totally forgot it was Easter last Sunday. Until after work on Friday/Saturday morning. I had a nice healthy weekend planned, and then I realized that Sunday was a holiday. A road block, if you will. I think going from years and years of having long drawn out holidays for Easter weekend, (in high school, we had a half day thursday, then Friday off, in College we had Thursday-Monday off!) to being an "adult" (yuck) and not gettin any time off. It kind of takes away from the holiday, but I think it's more I miss my school vacations :-)

Anyways I didn't have a bad weekend. I ate healthy at mealtimes, drank within my plan on Friday, and not at all on Saturday. I watched my portions on Easter sunday, indulging without binging. We had the most amazing meal too, I was super proud of myself.

My dad HATES ham, but loves Lamb. My mother likes both, but hates not getting ham, so we have both. Between the 6 of us. I'm not a big ham fan, so I stuck with the lamb and a half slice of the ham. Both were really good. The lamb was cooked just right and was so tender and flavorful, I loved it. Coupled with mashed potatoes, carrots and parsnips (a Walsh family staple), and turnip, we had a pretty awesome meal.

And I didn't go overboard either. Part of what I owe that to is the fact that in my house, my parents cook a roast dinner EVERY Sunday. Since... forever really. I can't remember a Sunday where we didn't have a big meal (except for the odd sunday in the summer when we grill, or holiday weekends). Whether it's chicken, roast beef, lamb, etc, it's always a big to do, and I have forced myself to portion things out. It's not as crazy a meal when it's every Sunday, you know?

I also took a small slice of the cake (which was also phenom) and split my chocolate bunny with M. I went over my points, but not by a ridiculous amount. And a lot of that I owe to the glass of wine I had, and the salsa and chips I snacked on all afternoon :-)

I'm still hoping for a loss, I consider the whole easter day a victory, and while I did go over my points, it wasn't a fiasco. I was really full, and stopped eating as a result, which is 10 times better than how I used to behave on holidays (read: threw caution to the wind and ate whatever the fuck I wanted).

Plus I've kept to my workout schedule:.
S-Eliptical and weights- check!
M- Running and weights- I left my freaking sports bra at home, so the gym was going to be a hassle. Did No More Trouble Zones instead, and feel sore today!
W-Video- Going to do a cardio workout instead!
Th- weights and cardio

****Edit: Apparently I did remember, haha, see post below. I'm out of it, I think I need a vacation ;-)

Here's to a good rest of the week!

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