Friday, April 8, 2011

The Ever Eluding Scale

Back when I first started WW, I was using our old bathroom scale. It was definetly on its way out (we've had it for years, and eventually one of the "feet" broke off), and I would weigh myself 7 times in a row, and take the most common. I would get numbers all over the place, but what choice did I have? based on my results, and how much I weighed on my new scale, I'd say my method was pretty accurate.

Today I stepped on the scale after going to the bathroom, and it read 210.0.

I won't lie, I was a little dissapointed. I burnt almost 3500 calories this week, I ate pretty well (probably OP 80% of the time). And while that's still a loss, I was really hoping to get out of the 210s. I decided to try one more time.


what?? Ok now I'm confused. One more time


I tried 4 more times, and kept on getting 209.8. I even went to the bathroom again, came back out and tried again. So that is the number I went with, and while I'm just bearly out of the 210s ( I mean, really, it's a .2 difference from my first weight), It felt 10 times better. Isn't that silly? It is, and I 100% believe it isn't the amount I lost (I mean, .8 is awesome!) but more the fact that I was still in the 210s. Whatever, I'm happy, and would like to thank the scale gods for moving me down just a tiny bit, to appease my insanity.

Moving on :-) I "reset" in a way, because last week marked 52 weeks on WW tracking (I did technically start the begining of march 2010, but didn't get serious until April), so now we are onto year 2, week 1! You will see where I post my WIs that we are now back to week one :-)

I'm excited for a quiet weekend, tonight I'm just hanging in and tomorrow night I am babysitting. Next weekend is a Red Sox game (hopefully they will have won a game by then) and then Saturday night I am going to see TV On the Radio at the House of Blues. It's going to be awesome, they are a band I've wanted to see ever since M got me into them 2 years ago, and they are so lively and melodic, it's going to be a great concert :-)

It's supposed to be high 50s/low 60s this weekend though, which is awesome! Saturday M and I are going to bring the puppy for a long walk through the marshes, and Sunday spend some quality time at the gym, so hopefully I'll spend a lot of time getting in those Activity points!

I haven't ran yet, but can really feel an improvement in my knee! I've been doing squats and lunges religiously, and can tell that it's making a difference. Even on the eliptical, or walking up hill, I would have slight knee pain, but now it's nothing! It's amazing how such a small thing can make a big difference! I am going to try and run on Monday, and see how it goes, hopefully it will make all the difference.

Not much else to report! It's been a quiet week, but sometimes you need that, right?

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