Friday, April 1, 2011

Gains, and Struggling with Food Guilt

My biggest problem when I have a bad day is it is never just a "bad  day". It's a bad few days, or week, because I have so much trouble combating the guilt I get the next day. Now you would think a bad night would make me say "ok Marie, you had a bad day, lets make today a good one!".

But I don't. Instead I let myself fall back into old habits, and I have no idea why.

I posted on Monday about my not so good weekend, and all week, while I've been good, I haven't been able to shake the off feeling. It was my first "really bad night" in a long time, and while I told myself to track it, move on, try and make up for it, I still felt like this in the back of my mind:

I had a pretty good week, after Sunday. Earned 35APs, portioned my foods. And I worked myself hard at the gym with strength training and a video yesterday that has caused me massive stiffness and pain in my upper thighs today, so there are many reasons why I would have gained, not just my bad weekend (although I'm sure that's part of it). I should have jumped back on the bandwagon after Friday night, and cut my losses, but I didn't. I let it get to me, when I shouldn't have. It was one night, and I let it turn into a weekend event.

Sigh. I'll get over it, right? Something to work on :-) This whole WLJ is a work in progress
Moving on, one thing I am going to work on is recognizing the difference between enjoying myself, and overindulging. I think I let myself get guilted too often for enjoying myself, and that normally leads to guilty eating, and overindulging.

It's ok to eat out, and enjoy myself, or drink for the fun of it. Eating because food is there, and drinking just to get drunk, or because everyone else is, on the other hand, is going too far. Again, something I struggle with. 

I need to stop letting temptation get to me. Getting fit and thin will be 10 times more worth it than any of those curly fries were.

-Limit my drinks to 2-3 nights, and only  a few each (Tonight and tomorrow I am driving, so I won't be drinking much, if at all. Tuesday is trivia but that is only 1-2, so I shouldn't have a problem with this).
-Work out Saturday and Sunday. They can be light workouts, but just do something!
-Eat well, and focus on portions and GHGs. Tonight, M and I are making chicken enchiladas from, one of my favorite recipie sites. It's going to be delicious, and low calorie!

Non Weight Loss Related-
- start spring cleaning! I have SOO much crap in my room. I cannot even do it justice (maybe I'll take a picture). Every weekend this month, I plan on tackling a different part of my room (Starting with my clothing. I am going to make the Sancta Maria House So happy with all the clothing I am going to donate.) After clothing comes my desk and drawers, under my bed, and my corners.
-Sort out my loan situation. Ugh is all I have to say to that.

Happy weekend, and most importantly happy RED SOX opening day!!

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  1. Woo Hoo! Red Sox fan! DH and I are PUMPED!

    Way to go to counteract the bad weekend you had with earning so many APs! That's great!