Monday, April 18, 2011

There's Good and Bad in Everything, Right?

That's how I'm viewing this weekend :-) Honestly, I wasn't great. I have no weeklies left. I didn't workout at all. But I didn't overdo it. I tracked and owned what I drank.

For Starters, The Good:
-I ate healthier to make up for the drinks! I ate the Turkey bean chili my sister made for lunch Friday Saturday, and Sunday. Hey, for 8 points with cheese, it's a great go to!
       - Friday night we got a veggie pizza at Beer Works. The pizza was alright, too doughy for my taste (it was thin crust, but tasted like it should have been cooked more) we split a personal sized pizza, and I ate 3 slices, all of which were on the smaller side. I was happy with myself for that :-)
      -Saturday night I made chicken sausages and sweet potato fries for M and I. It was delicious, and I kept myself to 1.5 sausages, and only one roll. Go me!

- I tracked as much as I could. I'm sure there were things that I'm missing, but I know I got all the drinks in! And I estimated everything the best I could (IE the chinese food plate that M made on Saturday night when we got home. I really only had a few bites of it, but I still tracked estimated points to try and make it realistic.)

-TV on the Radio was amazing!! I took a bunch of videos and pictures, and had a great time! I also didn't keep on drinking, once I finished my drink I just stopped for a bit, and waited until after to concert, which I was happy about :-) Minus some drama afterwards (which was more irritating than anything else!) It was a good night! Unfortunetly I have a 50 dollar pending charge from the House of Blues, which concerns me. Going to have to call them later on today and sort that out, because I did not drink that much!

The Bad:
-My advice? Never sit in the Family section of Fenway. Ever. Begining of the game, everyone was yelling, having fun. Then they started losing, and people left, or moved up, whatever. M started to boo them. Just booing, like everyone else was doing. And the lady next to him very rudly told him he should move down, and when we said that we paid for these seats, and were fine here, she gave us this nasty smile and went "You didn't pay for these seats". Stuck up biatch, in my opinion. I moved over , M however didn't want to let it go, so he continued booing, and told her she was the worst red sox fan ever. She called security and told them he was harrassing them. Guess who they believed?

Yep, now we have a fun story of M being thrown out of fenway park. And running away because he thought they were going to arrest him. I cried, called my friend J who lives down the street, who was really nice and let me hang out in her apartment until M finally resurfaced. I was so angry, and the night kinda sucked because of that experience. Who gets kicked out for booing?

-I drank a lot. I haven't had a weekend where I drank like that in awhile, but I did. And now in 3 in the red.

- My plan to workout on Sunday was ruined. By a super nasty hangover. I didn't even drink that much. Not enough to incur that bad of a hangover, anyways. Ugh. I slept all day, and woke up, and did a whole lotta nothin. Blech.

So There you have it. We are now entering into damage control mode. Here's my plan for the week!

-Go Grocery shopping, buy more healthy food for work. Lunch for this week: Wraps! I haven't made a good wrap in awhile, and I'm starting to get tired of pita bread
- Work out every day. Tentative plan is:
         -Monday: Eliptical and weights
         -Tuesday: Running
         -Wednesday: No more trouble zones, and maybe some light cardio
        -Thursday: Cardio and weights
hopefully that, coupled with being on plan will help repair some of the damage I did this weekend. I did peek at the scale this morning, and was only up 2, so it's definetly doable!

I'm in a better mindset than my crazy weekend a few weeks back. I attribute my wanting to eat everything in sight yesterday to the hangover. And it's very possible that my lack of true sleep and lazy days is why I felt so crummy. I drank my water, and while I had a lot of drinks, I wasn't that bad. So yesterday was a good recoup day. Now I'm back in action!!

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  1. LOL we would never sit in the family section since you can't drink beer there!!