Friday, April 15, 2011

Daydreaming and Goals

Fridays, oddly enough, tend to be one of my post productive days. I love being busy on Fridays, just because it makes it go by so much faster (I can't believe its already 230!) I am leaving work at 3, and got through everything I planned to do by about 130, so now I'm just going to coast till the end :-)

I'm so excited for this weekend! Red Sox game tonight. Hopefully they win, although that hasn't been the common denominator  lately :-( M and I have a 2-1 record though (out of the 3 games we've seen together, they have won two!) so odds are in our favor :-) M also is a very passionate fan of sports. To the point where he gets so upset and angry, it makes me irritated, haha. After the Pats-Colts 4th and 1 fiasco, he had to take a walk because he was so furious. I love watching sports with him, but not so much when they lose :-)

Then tomorrow is TV on the Radio. I'm so excited for this concert, because I've heard they are amazing live. For those of you that don't know them, look em up. Most of their songs are so pretty, and they are totally rockin. I work out to them a lot, just because they definetly fire you up!

All in all it'll be a good weekend! I'm going shopping with my friend tomorrow afternoon, and then I will workout on Sunday, earn some APs :-) To combat the extra drinking I'm doing tonight and tomorrow M and I are splitting a pizza at the bar tonight (I will only have two slices, I will only have two slices...), and then cooking some turkey burgers on the grill. So that should give me some extra room to splurge a bit.

Also Weigh in today put me -1, which brings me to 208.8 or 49.2 down. Soooo close to 50! I was secretly really hoping to hit 50 today, just so I could celebrate with this weekend, but ahh well, it'll keep me more accountable, so I can hit it next weekend!

I'm still happy, and I have two more WI this month, so hopefully I can hit 206, or around that :-)

I'm so happy that springtime has sprung! Even though it means allergies galore, I am excited for this summer, because I feel like I have a lot of new things I want to try and do this year. Last summer I was so focused on losing weight and being on plan, this year obviously I want to continue that, but I have accomplished so much, and gotten into such a better mindset, that I want to "broaden my horizons", a little bit :-)

So, here are My Summer 2011 Goals. I'll check back in to see where I'm at!

1. Be around 185.
I know, I know, I shouldn't set Weight loss goals. BUT  I feel like it helps me challenge myself more, and stay On plan better! I want to be at 200 by memorial day (or close to it!) so I think I can definetly lose 15-20 throughout the summertime! I lost 14 last summer (June 1- Sept1) and I was still adjusting to the program, so I think I have the recipie for success down now!

2. Shop Farmer's Markets
 I hope to be moved out on my own by the end of the summer, but even so, there is a Farmer's Market every Wednesday in the center of the town I work in. I'll save so much on Fruits and veggies for work, and I'll get the opportunity to try new things!

3. Try new activities outdoors
 Last summer's Kayaking attempt was a failure (we showed up and the place was closed), but I definetly want to give it another go this year. I also want to swim more, and run outside more.

4. Run the Milton Road Race
June 14th, 630 pm. It's a 5k, similar route to the best buddies 5K last November. My friend wants to do it with me, and I think that is just enough time for me to train up to be able to run the entire thing, or 80% of it.

5.Travel the Area
Last summer M and I did a daytrip up to Gloucester. It was awesome! I want to do more day trips like that, explore Massachusetts and the surrounding area.

6. Try at least 5 new fruits and veggies
I get stuck in ruts. It happens. I need to work on this!

7. Try 5 new recipies
Branch out!

There you have it. Definetly attainable, and a recipie for a really fun summer!

Happy Friday!

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