Friday, February 25, 2011

WI Results and a Review

So wednesday night, I decided to do a video instead of going to the gym. I get into a rut really easily, and I find the videos combined with the gym are a great way to keep me motivated, and keep things switched up. I do a video about once a week, and the gym 3X, which is a good balance, I think.

Anyways, Wednesday night I come home to this:
I bought it for my sister as part of her christmas present. I did it once before, about a month ago. I was sore after, but I was (at that point) working out consistently, especially focusing on my abs. Since my surgery, I haven't done any ab workouts, because every time I tried it would hurt a bit, which freaked me out (I'm paranoid that I'm just going to bust open or start bleeding or something. It's ridiculous, especially since my cuts are fully healed now.)

So I figured I felt worked the first time around, and that's what I was looking for this time too.

Maybe I didn't try enough the first time around, or maybe I didn't do it right. Something was up, because this time, by 5pm the next day, I was sore. I mean, really sore, like considering skipping my workout because sitting down is a hassle sore.

My upper body is ok, but my abs? Word to the wise, do not do this video if you haven't done an ab workout in awhile, because it hurts to sit now. And my glutes/upper thighs are killer (which I think is combined from my workout yesterday as well). It sucks now, but I know that the next time I workout I'll feel better/stronger, which is the ultimate goal.

So overall, a solid workout video. Some of the moves are a bit too hard for me (I don't know If I'll ever be able to do a side plank, sorry Jillian), but overall I burnt 450 calories in the 50 minutes the video took. Which is pretty damn good. Plus, I can feel it, which as much as it sucks, is awesome :-)

My WI today was down -.2. At least I was down. I am thinking that my muscle pain is causing some water retention, because I was really good this week. But oh well, at least I lost, and I will keep it up and hopefully see a BIG loss next week!

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