Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines day Weekend!

So a quick recap, because of this:

It's hard to tell, because you guys out  there haven't seen my fingers before :-P but I clumsily spilt soup while pouring it ALL OVER MY HAND :-(. I have two large blisters forming, which above all else make typingVERY painful :-/ So this has been a day long post attempt

-Friday I had a very pointy breakfast (pumpkin spice latte and and egg and cheese sandwich :-P), and so had fewer points left over for the evening than I normally do. Friday was M and I's valentine's day celebration, since it's on a Monday and he works, and I work Tuesday morning. He made me a delicious chicken curry meal, with white rice and a ton of veggies (including broccoli which he hates, but told me that he would set them aside for me to mix in- If that's not love I don't know what is)

We then went out for drinks. Our plan was to start in Porter Square and work our way back to Harvard. But the train decided other things, more specifically to wait at each station for 5 minutes, making our 30 minute train ride to cambridge take almost an hour. So we ended up getting off in Central and doing a mini crawl from there to Harvard instead. M was distraught dissapointed (His initial reaction was "this night is ruined!!" which sparked an argument. He's a diva sometimes haha but the second bar he wanted to attend is a big beer bar that he has been dying to try), but we are going to go with my mom's xmas gift card to him next weekend, so that mollified him :-)

Overall we had a great time, and walked a fair amount too (I have the blisters to prove it!). No drunk eating (hes gotten very good at telling me no, when I ask for food haha. Unless I'm feeling sick of course.)

Saturday his mom bought us lunch, and I chose a chicken stir fry pocket, which was a splurge but a definite better option than others. I also indulged in 3 chicken wings :-( but oh well, could have been worse.

Instead of working out when I got home, I watched sex and the city reruns and snacked on peanut butter. Can you say stereotype? Way to be Marie.

I was disapointed in myself after this, but then my sister came home, and I balanced out, made myself a light dinner (cheeseburger stir fry with oven fries. Doesn't sound light, but it was full of veggies, and well tracked!) I did have one mini whoopie pie, but kept myself to that :-) No drinking, and I spent some quality time with the sisters

Sunday after being distracted by 27 dresses for an hour, I headed to the gym. I got a crazy cramp again, but switched to the eliptical and had agood workout :-) I got in some awesome weight training too, and burnt 1000 calories :-) I was munchy and hungry for most of the day, but didnt overeat and felt good by sunday night :-)

I'll try and post again midweek, when I have use of my left hand :-)

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