Monday, February 7, 2011

Can a weekend be both good and bad?

I think so, because mine definitely was. And since I normally do "the good vs the bad", I'm going to go with, it's ok to have both. I struggle so much with the weekends. After portions, it's the toughest part of my weight loss journey.

It started out pretty good. M and I made steak tips, sweet potato oven fries, and sugar snap peas for dinner. It was delicious. I had one beer to calm down after my 2 hour drive home (legit. I fucking hate traffic), and then we went out to the cambridge brewing company to have a few more delicious beers. Yes, it was 20 points, but it was such fun, and so tastey, I deem it worth it. Plus I came home drunk and didn't drunk eat. so go me!

I am a self described beer snob (I'm sure I've mentioned this before), which makes weekends on WW really hard. I'm ok with only having one during the week, or not drinking at all until the weekend (my most recent method),but for M and I, we love nothing more than going to breweries, or liquor stores and trying new types of beers. We often sit with his computer and go through, and go through different companies, finding new stuff to try. So even though it may eat up my points each week, I will never give up my beer. I might substitute in wine or liquor where I can, or stop drinking where normally I'd have one or two more, but to me, it's something I enjoy (the flavors, the different types, etc), and WW can be worked around it. I hate light beer, and would rather not drink and save my points than drink something I hate the taste of.

but enough of me rambling :-). So saturday was a different story. After blowing 80 bucks on an oil change and car inspection (blech), M and I grabbed chinese food for lunch. Our lunches out on Saturdays are a habit that we have both decided to stop. For money and health reasons. It was 26 points of deliciousness though :-)

following this, I decided to have a healthy dinner. At least it would have been healthy, if not for my snacking. My sister made this chili, and I couldn't get enough of it. I coupled it with a baked potato, and left over fish. It was good, but definitely more points than I wanted to spend, especially after my chinese fiasco. And I went out for my friends birthday later on in the night, so I drank (only one beer, I offered to drive, which I am actually happy about), and M was hungry when we returned, so he whipped out a frozen pizza. Which was delicious, but that's not the point.

Then there was the superbowl. I wouldn't call the superbowl a disaster, by any means. I had a small plate, and I served myself modest portions onto it. Took breaks in between trying things. However, I did try everything. And while nothing was a complete calorie bomb, ish adds up. So i had 2 50 point days in a row. Blech

I need to learn to indulge without going overboard. I need to learn to say no to things, and not be afraid to actually measure instead of estimating when I'm around other people (especially M). It's my health, and the weight isn't going away if I don't stay OP.It's frustrating because to me right now, it all makes sense. But then when I'm faced with opposition, I fall back into my old ways.

But anyways. Eventually, it'll click. It has in the past, and I'm going to use this weekend as a method to learn this. M and I are celebrating Valentines day on Friday night (he works Sat Sun Mon nights, and I have to work Tuesday morning, so this way we can have our fun!). He is cooking me a thai dish, and then we are going on a mini bar crawl. Wicked excited, as we did something similar last year and it was so much fun. But I can watch my drunk eating, my portions, and my drink intake (i'm going to rotate mixed drinks and beer, to cut down on the point damage), and try and be a good WW

And prior to that, I will be a good WW as well. I think for lunch this week I'm going to stick with leftovers, and on days (like today ) where I forget, I'll grab subway. It is a 5 minute walk, but it gets me walking on my break, and it's a pretty healthy option. :-)
Also, I have a work out schedule in place:
  • Monday: 30 minutes running, 20-30 minutes eliptical
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: 30 minutes running, 30 minutes weights
  • Thursday: depending on how I feel, (soreness wise) either no more trouble zones or a more cardio focused video. Or pure cardio at the gym.
I think it's something I can stick with, and I can earn a bunch of APs to make up for my not so great weekend :-)

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