Thursday, February 10, 2011

I went from zero to 100 in an hour

I won't lie, as I typed that I started singing "zero to hero" in my head :-)
So anwyays, I've been in a funk. I have no better word for it. It does not excuse my weekend, at all. But It is why I have struggled so much this week.

Lets recap a bit:
- Monday I was tired. I ate my breakfast per norm, and then around 10am, I started to feel nauseous, lightheaded, and funky. I bought some food, and felt a lot better, but all day I just My workout that night sucked. Which was hard, because after that day I really could have used a good workout.

-Tuesday and Wednesday went on a little bit of the same. I've been dealing with some personal family stuff, that is nothing terrible, but irritating and dramatic, and stressful. So that has had a definite negative impact on my mood. I've been making poorish choices, because I've just been feeling so crappy and irritable. I mean, I've been relatively healthy, but snacking more than I should, and feeling just bloated and gross.

Now enter my workout today. I was nervous that it would be another bad one. I had a decent day eating wise, healthy choices all that jazz. But I was still feeling off, and spent a lot of the day worrying about the stuff that's going on in my life, and absolutely not feeling like going to the gym.

But I went.

And it was awesome.

I burnt 800 calories, had a great run for the first time in a long time, and spent a solid half hour with free weights. I absolutely needed that, and I love that instead of turning to comfort food, or watching trashy tv, I worked out, and am actually happy with that choice. It shows me how far I've come in the past year.

Let's compare
This time last year:
-I was working out on and off still, maybe 2 times a week. Now, I've worked my way up to 4 steady workouts a week, sometimes 5 if I have the time (outside of the time off for the surgery)
-Every workout was a struggle. I wasn't enjoying the eliptical, and hadn't found the C25K yet, so didn't feel that walking was enough. Now I am redoing the C25K (since I kind of fell off), and can run 2 miles without a major issue
-I would focus most of my workout on nautilus type machines. Now I've incorporated so much more free weights, and can really see the difference, and feel like I'm getting more of a workout in.

I'm just really psyched to have finally had a really good workout (I had a decent one on Sunday, but it wasn't great), it's such a motivating feeling, especially where I'm expecting a gain tomorrow, I enjoy looking back on where I've come from, and how different my life is compared to last year.

So tomorrow, gain or lose, I'm moving forward. My plan for the weekend:
-Focus on GHG's at meals
-get in at least one workout
-limit my drinks
-Track everything!

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  1. Marie, that's awesome!! That's so great that you went to the gym instead of turning to comfort food--and had an amazing workout, to boot!

    This is a lesson that I have to keep re-learning over and over: Exercise makes me feel better. It's just so tempting to be lazy/ eat when you're having a bad day, but that just makes you feel worse.

    Great job, and thanks for this post!