Monday, February 21, 2011

good weekends :-)

So to start, my WI results were a 1.6 loss :-) Which was great, and I found really inspiring to start out my weekend.

Friday night we went to Rick's cafe for my sister's birthday dinner. It was very nice, and pretty damn affordable. It's a really cute place, one of those looks a little dingy outside but is really nice inside. Plus they have a piano bar, so you hear the piano while you eat, and some of the best martinis :-)

IT was a nice meal, it;'s been awhile since my mom, and most of my sisters went out to eat, you could tell my mom really enjoyed it, I know she's been lonely lately, especially where my dad and sister are away in Ireland for the week.

I'm also proud to say that I did not overindulge, and still got to have a martini. I ordered the small order of steak tips, with a baked potato with sourcream and butter on the side. I also had a small Caesar salad, and a small piece of bread. I only used an estimated tablespoon of each, and only ate half my potato :-) the steak tips were pretty skimpy, but tasty, which is really what's important.

I proceeded to have 3 beers with M after this, but still only went over my points by about 10, thanks to my low calorie meals throughout the day.

Saturday afternoon instead of eating out, M and I started our new thing, which we want to do a lot more to save money and calories. We went to the grocery store, got deli meats, and made some delicious spicy turkey sandwiches with Munster cheese, on a ciabata roll. It was awesome, and I didn't feel all nasty afterwards.

The rest of Saturday went through without issues, and I had two NSV!
1. I went to the gym with my sister, who was home from college for her birthday. We forgot the gym closed at 7, but I still had a great workout on the eliptical for 35 minutes.
2. I went out on Saturday, but didn't drink. I will say, I was bored and kind of irritated because my friends were pretty drunk, but hey, at least I didn't consume calories that I didn't need/want to consume! Plus, I had a piece of amazing cake earlier, so I had maxed out my points for the day at that point.

Sunday I wasn't as good ,went out for breakfast  and had 3 eggs, wheat toast, with bacon and home fries. I only ate half the home fries, and the rest of it was delicious and kept me full for the rest of the day. I wanted to go to the gym, like I normally do, but I went shopping instead, and by the time I got home I was exhausted and not in the mood to workout. so I relaxed instead, ate dinner with mom, and then went out with M when he got outta work at 9. We went to this bar over in porter that he has been dying to try, called Cambridge Common.

They are known for their  beer selection (20+ beers on tap!) and pretty awesome food. We started out with a sampler, which was great. I love going to beer bars and getting their samplers, because I love trying new beers, but I don't love everything (I've had my share of blah beers), so I'd much rather get a 5 oz sampler than pay all the money for a full beer :-)

After we had tried out a few, we decided to get an IPA
Mine was better than his :-) I also had a delicious Allagash, and then we left. It was a really nice place though, we're definitely going back sometime soon :-)

Thankfully, I had today off for the holiday, so we slept in, made sandwiches and then went to the gym for a solid hour and half. I burnt off 960 calories, had an awesome run and got some great weight training in.

And here we are :-) I think this has been one of my more successful weekends yet, and I feel really good about myself right now. I'm also making a deliciously low cal beef stew, which I'm now going to enjoy :-) Hope fully I carry my good WW vibes it into the week!

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a fantastic weekend Marie! And it sounds like you made a lot of healthy decisions. Oh, and congrats on the SV, by the way!