Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 pounds in 13 weeks

So lately, I've been feeling... discouraged. Not by the above mentioned number, I mean all things considered (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Surgery), those are decent results. November 11 2010 I weight 227.5, as of February 11 I weighed in at 218, the lowest weight I've been probably;y since I was in London (weighed around 220) and definitely since before High School.

I've been discouraged with my effort. I reached a point where I was doing all the stuff that I'm supposed to be fighting against:
-I've been "indulging" almost nightly. Whether it is a cup of ice cream, cookies my sister made, or having some drinks. Not Good!
-I've been doing the add-on thing: When I'm at the grocery store, or a take out place, I'll add on that candy bar/cookie/brownie to my meal, as a treat. Ok every once and awhile, but not EVERY time
- I've been lax about my measuring. Not overdoing it, but definitely eye-balling
Now I don't think these things will necesarily ruin my WLJ. I've still been losing, and I've become very good at tracking EVERYTHING. And doing it at the moment, not tracking my entire weekend on Monday morning, like I used to do. I also have adopted the 85/15 rule:

I focus on being OP 85% of the time, and allow myself a 15% leeway for indulgences, and any type of special events that I want to enjoy myself at. the past few months, I'd say I've been more 60/40. which isn't following WW. I'm still losing, but it's more than that. I need to adopt a stricter lifestyle, so that when I get close to my goal weight, and I have 7 less points, I won't struggle as much. And for when I hit goal, I won't have as much trouble maintaining said weight.

It ain't easy. Especially being 23, and having a semi-active social life. M and I like to go out, we like to drink, we like to eat. It's hard to balance what I like to do, with following WW. Over the summer, I found that balance. I only drink twice (maybe three) times a week. I try and stop myself when I've found a good place, without going over board (please see the work try. It doesn't always happen).
But I'm young. I don't want to look back on my 20's and say that I didn't let myself enjoy life because I was so focused on losing weight. Not that you need to drink and eat in order to lose weight, but its easier to tell me to go out and not drink than to actually do it. I like going out for a few, and feeling relaxed after having said drinks. I like to try new things, new bars. I've definitely moved out of my "get drunk till you can't walk anymore" phase- I hate getting that drunk now. I feel gross the next day, and embarrassed. That said, going out on Friday nights and having 3-4 beers/mixed drinks is nice. I'm going to make WW work with that :-)

So my goal for the next month or so is to go back to what I was doing over the summer. I was following WW to a Tee during the week. light desserts (if at all), no drinking except for the occasional Tuesday night trivia, plan out all my meals/snacks for the week. Come the weekend, I still try and eat healthy at meal times, but I let myself breathe a little bit. I try and earn as many APs as I eat WP, to balance them out. I try to only use 20-30 WP, to allow for the items that I under track, or forget about (I'm human, I'm sure it has happened).

I was consistently losing 1-2 pounds a week, I know I can get back to that!
And this is what, my millionth time recommitting? Hopefully it sticks. I just need to find that motivation that is so hard in the wintertime to find :-/ I've had a pretty good week so far (especially compared to the past few), and have been excellent about tracking, so hopefully it pays off and gives me the motivation to keep going! and do even better!

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  1. I'm in the same boat. I am not following WW 100% and it is showing on the scale. I need to get this last 10-15 lbs off by summer so I can enjoy the summer and wear the tank tops and shorts that I want to wear. I don't want to spend another summer all covered up.

    Good luck to you!