Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 3 (July 26-Aug 2)

Weigh in: 0.0  pounds, so a maintain

A bit frustrating, I'm not going to lie. I worked out like crazy this week, and ate within my calories (while tracking everything. I am seeing a difference though. My legs are longer, my torso more toned and thin. I'll take that over pounds lost. Next week I'm going to do my measurements, compared to when I had done them last winter and see if after a month there is any difference :)

This weekend I'm working out tomorrow night, and then babysitting. Then I'm up bright and early Saturday morning to visit my former college roommate D.

Not sure if I've mentioned her before, but D and I had a mutual friend Freshman year, and hung out a bit sophmore year. but it was really the 2nd half of junior year, when I took our friends spot in their room that we really bonded, and senior year we only got closer. We graduated, she stayed in the greater Fairfield area with a accountant job in line, while I moved back to Boston.

I was always a bit nervous that we would grow apart. Plenty of my friends from college, I barely talk to anymore (if at all), it happens. But if anything, we've grown closer. We only see each other maybe 1-2 times a year, but each time we pick up where we left off, and are both there for each other 100%.  Which makes her one of my most important relationships. There are very few people that I know I can call/complain to/laugh with no matter what, so needless to say, I'm very excited, and see a LOT of wine in my future :)

So my goals:

Work out 4 times a week (classifying a workout to be at least 300 calories burnt)Arbitrary goal is 2000 calories a week
Worked out Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday with a walk on Sunday. 2446 calories total

Track everything, pretrack when possible, to help keep me within my daily range

Limit my drinking to twice a week.
-Thursday and Friday night,

Limit "treats"to two times a week
Definitely overindulged a bit on Sunday (Georgetown cupcakes!),and pretzel m&m's on Tuesday.

So I had a pretty good week, I'm going to focus on staying in control this weekend, and into the week. I got a workout in tonight, going to the gym tomorrow night, and then again Monday and Tuesday, to ensure I get my 4 days in :-)

Happy Thursday!

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