Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week 6 (8/17/12-8/23/12)

2 Weeks till I'm in Sunny California 8-)

WI results- 0.00

Work out 4 times a week (classifying a workout to be at least 300 calories burnt)Arbitrary goal is 2000 calories a week
1214 Calories burnt in the week, which isn't too shabby considering I didn't get back into working out till Monday, due to hip pain. 2 workouts (and one long walk). I'm ok with that progress

Track everything, pretrack when possible, to help keep me within my daily range
I did track everything, and especially M-F pretracked my food

Limit my drinking to twice a week.
-Drank Saturday,definitely limited my drinking this week, which was good!

Limit "treats"to two times a week
Definitely overindulged a bit Sunday, and then Wednesday night, which was probably why I maintained (And because I wasn't 100%)

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