Monday, August 20, 2012

Quiet Weekends

Are for the best, sometimes.

I woke up Friday morning, and my head was all sinusey, and my hips (see that? plural hips as in both ) were aching, not just the left one as was the case early last week. So instead of getting back on the workout train, I kept to my couch watching Pretty Little Liars. Unfortunate, but I'm glad I decided to rest instead of pushing it forward and sidelining myself for another few weeks. I went shopping with my sisters and mom on Friday night. No better place to be but the Christmas Tree Shop on a Friday, haha. Besides one other family, there was no one in there under the age of 65, apparently it's not a hoppin' place at that time :) That said, I got some really nice place mats, and some kitchen gloves that I desperately needed to replace (it was one step away from getting moldy haha), and some other things, so it was worth it :)

My real reason for shopping was I decided since we're staying in this apartment for another year at least, I want to make it more "homey". We still had boxes in the corner of our room, and a bureau that was just waiting to be built, so my goal was to fix everything up.

I spent a good chunk of money at Target, but between the two stores I got a bunch of storage bins, a shoe shelf, and a 9 cube wood organizer thingy (Do they have a name?), in addition to some other stuff to build up the place.

Saturday my hips were still tight, so I made a relatively healthy breakfast (eggs in toast), got a chai tea and got to work. I cleaned the kitchen, picked up the living room, and then got to work building. Over the course of Saturday (with the help of Matt once he got out of work) we built the storage cube, the shoe rack, and 3/4ths of the bureau, which after putting off building for weeks we realized was super easy after all. Sigh.

We also made a kick ass dinner (spaghetti and meatballs), and had some delicious fall beers. I am so ready for the summer to be over, fall is by far my favorite time of year. And not just because I love all things pumpkin, but just the feel and smell in the air, the clothing, the sports (start of football, baseball playoffs eventhoughtheredsoxaretheworstrightnowandareruiningthatforme), just everything. So Excited.

I'm hoping to start working out in the mornings tomorrow. I know if I start, I'll like it and continue. I briefly did it last year, and loved the way I felt going off to work in the morning knowing my workouts were out of the way, and now that my gym is up the street, I have all the more ability to get a good workout in before work, without having to worry about having to find a place to shower, or bring everything with me. I will check in and see how I do :)

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