Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 2 (a little late) (July 19-25)

This really should have been posted Thursday/Friday, but I got distracted, and was hemming and hawing about whether I was going to weigh in Thursday or Friday going forward. I decided to stick with Thursdays, for consistency sake, and I like having a drink after work on Thursdays haha

My Weigh in results Last week (7/26/12): -1.0, 204.4, which is going in the right direction :) I had a good week, I'm not going to deny that. With Friday being an overindulgence, I picked it right back up Saturday and was on track for the rest of the week :)
In terms of my goals:
  • Work out 4 times a week (classifying a workout to be at least 300 calories burnt)Arbitrary goal is 2000 calories a week
     -I Worked out Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, with lighter walks on Thursday and Wednesday. Overall I burnt 2957 calories, woo hoo!

    Track everything, pretrack when possible, to help keep me within my daily range
    -Very focused on this, feel my tracking was very accurate.

    Limit my drinking to twice a week.
    -Saturday and Tuesday nights, only!

    Limit "treats"to two times a week
    I honestly don't think I had a real treat this week, besides the candy at the movies on that Friday night.
So all in all, week two was a success. I will be posting Week 3 on time so I can post the pics of my results haha

This week has been pretty on so far. I had a baby shower on Saturday, which I ate more than I should have, but  got in a great workout Friday night, and a video Saturday morning. I took a rest day on Sunday, not because I "should have". but I was sore, and tired, and needed to relax for once :)

I got a great run in last night. By great I mean I burnt a lot of calories, but during the fact, it sucked. a lot. I got home tonight and was hungry, tired, and had talked myself out of my workout. But I went anyways, got a second wind after I ate  some yogurt, and had a pretty good workout. Just shows, that what they say is true, you never regret a workout :)

Meal plan for the rest of the week:
Wednesday homemade curry chicken salad on a flatbread,
Thursday- :LO stacked veggie enchilada
Friday: Eat out, I'm thinking buffalo chicken salad
Wednesday- Jalapeno Popper chicken
Thursday- roasted sausage, pepper and potatoes

Happy Tuesday :)

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