Monday, August 27, 2012

Meal Plan Mondays

My weekend was nice :-) Friday night I had a girls night out, and while there was some drama (including attitude/outright bitchyness which was totally unwarranted), it was a good night, and more importantly I focused on pacing myself and making good choices, at least drink wise.

My dinner consisted of shared nachos and fries, not so healthy :-/ oh well, it was fun :) and I walked a lot, both at lunch and after work while waiting for friends, so I at least earned some of that back!

Saturday I woke up expecting to hike. M's back was bothering him, and didn't want to do a rigorous course, plus it was kind of muggy outside. So instead, I got my ass up and went to the gym, and burnt 580 calories doing mainly strength, with a little exercise bike mixed in. It felt great to start off my day like that, not having to rush or feel like I was putting off my responsibilities. I'm telling ya, these morning workouts (ok it was like 1130, but I didn't wake up till 11 today so it was morning to me), are really working out well, and helping me enjoy my workouts again. I used to love getting into a zone and really focusing on my workouts, the music I was listening to, and my form. When I switched to a smaller gym, and switched jobs away from my old gym, getting that workout became harder, because the new gym is small (but so close!) and almost always crowded after work.

But mornings? There's rarely anyone in there, and if there is, it's like one or two people, which doesn't bother me :)

Post workout I made myself a quick eggs/bacon/sourdough with cheese toast, and then M and I went to the mall to run errands. He had to get fitted for a friend's wedding, and I had something to return. I also made a pit stop at H&M. I normally go into the one downtown, but it's such a mess, and also so busy, so the one in the local mall was a lot less crazed, which was enjoyable. I ended up buying some stuff for fall, and I got 2 long sweaters, a top and a tank top.

Post mall, we headed over to the blue hills and did a nice hike. It was a bit challenging, but not too challenging, and I ended up burning 430 calories, which was about 100 more than I aimed to hit, so I was happy :)

We stopped off at my parents house after the hike (they live nearby), and we had dinner with them and my sisters, which was a nice relaxing treat to not have to cook and spend some more time with my family, especially since my sisters go back to school so soon!

Sunday was spent at my friends rooftop pool, which was likewise extremely relaxing. These past two weekends were totally necessary, and I feel great!

My Mealplan for the week:
-Lunch-salsa chicken with rice
Lunch-salsa chicken with rice
D- Zucchini boats
Lunch- salsa chicken with rice
D- Cheesy Taco Pasta
L-LO Taco Pasta
D- chicken nuggets and "fries"
Unsure, I'm a woman alone next weekend, since Matt's at a bachelor party. I might make something he wouldn't eat, and enjoy my freedom :) 

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