Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I got distracted, goddamnit. Once I get good at posting, I fall off the wagon.

To be honest? I got busy late last week (Thursday-Saturday), and then Saturday I got embarrassingly drunk at a cookout, and spent the beginning of this week nursing my bruises (mainly of the ego variety, but I somehow rehurt my hip too).

I won't lie, I was feeling bad for myself on Monday. I was worried I really flared up the bursitis, and would have to go back to the doctors, get another shot, and restart everything that I've worked to remedy over the past 6 months.

Thankfully, ice and rest for the past 3 days have really helped, and I'm thinking I can start working out again either Tomorrow or Friday.

And what's more, I haven't eaten terribly, or thrown caution out the window from a place of self pity. Even Saturday's mess didn't put me way over, because I got a huge workout in that morning (and barely ate anything. But that wasn't from a weight loss place, instead from a hangingoutwithfriendsnotrealizingI'vebeendrinkingfor3hourswithnodinner place. Learned my lesson haha)

Instead I've worked to stay within my calories, walk whenever I can (it actually helps to take short walks and stretch it out, instead of sitting at a desk all day).

And what's more, I made a kick ass tomato garden vegetable soup for lunch this week. It's filling, delicious, and 160 calories a serving :) 

So, I'm hopeful that my losses will continue. Or at least I won't gain this week :) We shall see, won't we?

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