Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 7 (Aug 24-Aug 30)

T minus 4 days till we leave!! My suitcase is in the apartment, and besides watching and obscene amount of Pretty Little Liars, I did a decent amount of cleaning/organizing, so I'm feeling good :)

WI results- 0.00

Work out 4 times a week (classifying a workout to be at least 300 calories burnt)Arbitrary goal is 2000 calories a week
3002 calories burnt, partially thanks to a hike and also because I've been really dedicated with my morning workouts. I'm assuming that has a lot to do with my maintain, I was pretty sore :)

Track everything, pretrack when possible, to help keep me within my daily range
I did track everything, and especially M-F pretracked my food

Limit my drinking to twice a week.
-Drank Friday night, Saturday, and then Tuesday I had two beers at a work event, but other than that Idefinitely limited my drinking this week, which was good!

Limit "treats"to two times a week
I really stayed away from my treats this week, which made me happy to have that kinda willpower

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