Thursday, December 29, 2011

10 Things For 2012

To start, I have to share my news: I fixed my laptop! I googled "Privacy Protection" and realized that that was the virus that was on my computer. So Happy,  because I do not have the cash to get a new computer right now :-) You will start seeing more regular posts in the new year thanks to all this as well. And now, my 10 resolutions for 2012:

1. Hit My Goal Weight

First rule of successful weight loss is don't set a time limit on your goal. But I think it actually helps me to do so.  Plus a year is a long time to lose weight, it's not like It's unrealistic either. In my first year (March 10- March 11) I lost 47 pounds. I am at 197.4 now, and my goal weight is 160 (and probably 155 after that), so I have 37.4 to go. Totally doable in a year. And even if I end the year 10 pounds away, I'll be happy :-) I just need to make my weight loss a priority (and I've been getting better about that lately.) I also think I may do a sugar fast next week. 5 days try and not consume anything that can be considered sugary : candy, cookies, chocolate, chips etc. I think it will help me stay on track, and not crave as much, for a little while anyways :-)

2. Run At Least One (if not two) Races

I haven't ran a race since March, thanks to the weird stomach cramps. The last few times I've ran I've done okay, and not had any cramps, so I am really going to make a push to get back into running again. I'm realizing as well that I don't have to run the whole thing. I just don't,ever. I am going to set a goal to run 7-9 minutes walk 1-2 and repeat until I finish. It will keep me from getting exhausted, and hopefully from cramping as well. If I do that, I think my running adventure will be a lot more successful, and I'll be able to race again. Tentatively, I'd like to do a race in either May or September, and in October for my birthday.

3. Make "Me" a Priority

If this year taught me anything, it's that I'm a people pleaser. I tend to do things that others want to do, instead of standing up for what I want to do, even if it means doing something I don't really wanna do. And I need to stop it, especially when it concerns people who walk all over me, and make big stinks/scenes when it comes to something I want, you know? I need to feel less insecure sometimes, and (to be honest) stop giving a shit what others think. Basically, I need to do me :-)

4. Better Myself

 In that same regard, I want to work at myself this year. I want to work at being more confident and sure of myself. I want to be more "cultured", if you will. Go to Art galleries when I want to, see more plays, go to readings that interest me, concerts I want to see, and maybe even play a sport or two. I need to work on myself, and I feel like the confidence will come along with that.

5. Gossip Less

This one is self explanatory. I realized this year that I base a lot of my conversations talking about others, which to be honest, isn't all that healthy. I want to get away from that. Obviously everyone gossips a little, but I think a good goal for 2012 is to try to talk about others less, and be less malicious at times as a resul.

6. Get Involved with a Charity

I've already kind of started this, but I want to continue- I went to orientation for the Red Cross earlier this month, and plan to help out there every month, at least once. Right now it's the food pantry, I would like to get involved in the blood drives though, as time goes on. It's a great scenario, because it is on a as needed basis, and right now, I need to ease into it, and make more time for it as time goes on. So mini check on this one already

7. Live off a Cash Budget

You've heard the concept I'm sure. Every week I'll take X amount of the bank, and that will be all I spend. It's honestly how Matt got really good with his money, and saving, and I know it will help me. I'm great with planning, but when I have my credit/debit card handy, I spend way too much. And I know I can get away from that. So this weekend I am coming up with a plan, and my goal is by June/July to have weaned myself completely onto a cash budget (besides gas and bills).

8. Take One Big Trip

Besides little weekends away, I haven't really gone away somewhere since Florida 2 years ago. Matt and I plan to go to California next Fall for a wedding, so that is my goal. To save/scrunge/do whatver is possible to make sure that I get to go!

9. Try 25 New Recipies

And hopefully I will exceed this. I really want to work on my cooking skills in 2012, hone them in, and try new things. 25 = 2 a month and 3 in one month, totally doable!

10. Try at Least One New Thing Each Month

 It can literally be anything (besides a recipie because thats cheating). Go somewhere I haven't been before on a day trip, try a new walking path, go to a new bar or restaurant, a new exercise class, etc. I am a self proclaimed creature of habit, and really want to try and get out of my shell and do more different things. So this is my final goal for 2012

I think all of these things are very achievable, and I'm actually really excited to work at it! I am making one change though- instead of every three months, I'm going to update every month, when I updated on my monthly goals that I do :-)

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